Monday, July 11, 2016

La Dernière Semaine

Well dang...

It's great to hear from y'all as usual! I gotta say I am a little jealous of y'all's kyak-ing adventures this past week. you just need to go out and do it more often mom, and then you won't be as sore ;)

So.crazy. to see that Ethan is back home... dang. Reality is really starting to set in. I've been getting more and more sentimental as time has been going on - it ain't gonna be easy to leave the people of Québec/Ottawa. Trust me, I've been stockin up on souvenirs ;)

This past week for us has been great! It started off with my exit interview with president phillips - what guy! He even quoted Lombardi in my exit interview.... any mission president that quotes Lombardi in an interview has got my vote for sure. We had an awesome discussion - It definitely got me super excited for the future!! We had a great zone training meeting after that where we got to know sister phillips and three of their kids.

I got Sierra's letter in the middle of the week!! I was so excited when I saw that!

We also got invited over for lunch at this older Hungarian lady's house...I love hearing stories of people that lived in Europe from the time of world war II - she's not even a member, she just wanted to have us over, haha. It was sweet!

On Tuesday we went with Sebastian to the family history center with one of the specialists there and we got his grandfather's name which we took with us to the temple on Saturday! It was such an awesome experience!! It's so great to see the excitement people get in doing this work - it's something that definitely helps us feel the presence of the holy ghost through the "spirit of elijah" which is mentioned in the scriptures. That was basically the theme of the whole week as we were so excited to go to the temple with the youth and Sebastian. Sebastian had an awesome experience! We had a testimony meeting afterward and he stood up and talked about his whole experience - seriously, this boy has got a testimony borne on the wings of fire - no joke. He moved here from the Philippines just a few months ago with his family and looked up to the church here himself to get in contact with the missionaries. He is awesome!

At the temple I also got to see a lot of people from pretty much every single one of my old areas - they all had a hard time believing that I am going home next week. I am so grateful for the connections I have made with the people here - the mission is just an awesome experience.

I realized that I have spent more time helping people with their family history work on my mission than I have in my entire life up to this point doing my own family history work - I definitely got the feeling that I know what the next step is for me, haha. I have completely learned to appreciate the importance of family history work over my time as a missionary - it's the work of salvation, the most important work we can/will ever be engaged in. It's such a blessing to be able to participate in such a great cause that united us with our families and those around us. And it's a work that's just getting started.

It's been a great week overall and we are excited to see what the last week of the transfer has in store for us! Ya'll take care and enjoy the week! I'll talk to ya'll again next week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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