Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Les Miracles...et le froid

Rebonjour à tout le monde!

As always it's great to hear from ya!

It's good to see that once again, we are living in completely opposite places as far as the weather goes... this week has felt more like September or October here, as it's been at 12 C for the most part of the week...which is cold for summer, trust me. Ryan, enjoy your preparation week for scout camp!

As for the my plan program, it's going great so far! I love it and I hate it as it kinda forces ya to think a lot about the future. This week, the Patrick family will be doing their goodbye tour - we will be seeing them for the last time in the mission this Saturday, which is a really weird thought.

This week was full of a bunch of ups and downs- we had some great visits with some people that have gone through some pretty crazy life experiences- along with some more refugees. I have learned so much from my time with various refugees from various countries over my time as a missionary- I am really grateful for that.

The person we had set up with a baptismal date ended up dropping it which was pretty sad, but we have been finding more and more people. We had an awesome miracle as we were working in one area looking for somebody the missionaries worked with in the past. As we talked to the neighbors to see if they knew the person we ended up meeting Yannique, from Haiti. So she is here with her two kids, her husband passed away last year, and she has had a constant contact with the church for quite some time now as she has some of her family who are members of the church. When we saw her, she hesitated at first as she was looking at us through the door, but then she asked us if we were Mormon missionaries. We ended up getting to know her story a bit more - she is going through a bit of a rough time. We had a member bring her and her family to the ward activity - a spaghetti dinner/dessert auction and they came to church as well. They loved the experience and she explained how she felt that they need to be baptized as they have already waited too long to do so! It was a super awesome/touching experience and we are looking forward to working with them, the sister missionaries, and the members here help them progress towards their goals and coming closer to Christ.

The dessert auction was actually quite the event as everyone was trying to bid for us...we ended up getting in a pretty heated competition with the bishop for one dessert. Basically, in the end, we ended up with way too much dessert - we have been doing our best to spread the sugar by sharing it with people.

Yesterday at church everything went great! I got a lot of positive feedback on my talk on Hastening the Work. Basically the idea is 1. Catching the vision 2. Understanding your role 3. inspiring others. I am also really impressed with the amount of correlation and work that the members/leadership with the ward are wanting to have with us. The bishop continues to talk about wanting to take as much advantage of the time we have here before I leave - he is always asking for us to help people better understand the vision of "hastening the work" here. I really am greatly touched by the amount of respect that he gives to us. We are hopefully gonna have him come out with us this Thursday to get a family committed to a baptismal date that has been with the church for almost 5 years now - we are hoping everything goes well! He basically said that anything we feel is important or needs to get done - he'll do it.

Things are going super well here! We are excited to see how things turn out over the rest of this transfer as we are really finding our place more and more here in the ward! We are heading over to parliament today! that's why the emails are a bit early this time. Y'all have a great week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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