Monday, June 6, 2016

Le Dernier Transfert

Helllooooo Therrrreeeee,

It's good to hear from y'all as usual and great to see all the summer pictures! It definitely seems like y'all enjoyed your time with everyone! Also thanks for the school sign up helps! It's much appreciated! Now I guess we'll just wait and see what happens! It feels a bit surreal to really be thinking about all of that stuff now especially now that today is the first day of my last transfer as a full time missionary.

This past week for us was a pretty interesting one - I got hit pretty hard on Monday night with flu like symptoms and ended up sick for pretty much the whole week - it's been a while since I have been that sick which really sucked, haha. Despite all of that, we got a lot of great stuff done and have found 2 new families that we have started teaching as well! One is actually the son of a less active mother who was never baptized and the other is a family from Nepal - bit of an interesting story. I couldn't stand to stay cooped up in the apartment so we spent pretty much every day just out doing normal things - just with a lot of breaks in between. Probably not the best idea in terms of health, but hey, in the end I am back to full health now and everything is going just swell :)) looking back though I have now idea how we were able to manage our way through all of that. For the weekend, I was on exchange with Elder Woo - one of the Chinese missionaries in Ottawa and we helped out at a local fair here with a couple of our members. We basically served to promote and demonstrate something called the milk bag project. It's actually pretty cool. Basically, people donate used milk bags and from the bags people use them and make bags or mats that people can sleep on. The materials are then sent out to countries in need - I now know of a good use for milk bags. It turns out the Canadian way of thinking isn't too bad after all ;)

For our stake conference yesterday we had Elder Echohawk come and speak to us - he's of American Indian decent which is pretty cool by itself - along with that he shared some pretty neat stories that he has had in his up close and personal time with members of the quorum of the twelve - those are always the stories I love to hear the most. President Patrick always enjoys telling us the little lessons he received on the side from various general authorities - we can learn a lot from people's experiences.

This week I also start "my plan" which is basically the "adjustment back into the real world program" for the full time missionaries :))) It'll be here before we know it!

Y'all keep working hard and have a great week! I'll talk to ya next week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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