Monday, June 20, 2016

La Capitale

Bonjouuuurrrr once again to tout le monde!

Thanks again for the reminders about how little time I have left!..............

It's weird seeing all the summer pictures realizing that I will be there in such a short time. Dang. It seems like y'all have definitely been enjoying your time - especially at the butt hutt.

Glad to see the Cavs are makin history.

It's also great to see that Ryan is reppin the usual scout uniform with the scout shirt and basketball shorts.

Hope you had a great Fathers Day, Dad!!! It seems like y'all definitely had plenty of meats to put on the grill - I hope you're planning on doing the same thing when I get there as well.. ;)

Thanks for the news and thoughts y'all shared!

Our week has been pretty freakin insane...we had some awesome experiences.

We went to parliament on Monday - don't worry I'll send pictures. It was just a reminder that I am definitely not in Quebec anymore, haha. It really does have a completely different feel here.

We had an awesome experience with an inactive member - she has gone through a super difficult past and recently has been making steps to come back bit by bit. She asked us for a blessing the other week and that's how we met her. She's got a pretty difficult family situation and was also in an abusive relationship. She has finally got out of all of that and now she has started meeting with us. We had a first visit with her the other week and last week she was telling us about how everything that we said in that visit was just ringing through her ears. It was a great experience as we talked about the influence of the Holy Ghost and how he works with us. As we take steps to show forth faith unto repentance we invite the presence of the Holy Ghost more fully in our lives. As the scriptures say, we need to seek to be "in communion" with the Holy Ghost - I find that to be a pretty interesting phrase. Do we want to be "in communion" with Deity? Our Father in Heaven will show us how as we draw closer to Him. We helped give her a vision of the temple and now that is what she is working towards! It's basically like teaching a new investigator as she has been pretty inactive from a young age. What a great experience.

We also had a visit with the Riviere family - this is the family that Bishop Wagner talked to me about on the phone before I even arrived here when I was still in Ville Marie. Basically they have been investigating for a number of years and every time it seems like they have been close to taking the step of baptism something has come up to stop them. Recently, everything has been falling into place but people were wondering why they still were hesitating to take the step. We invited the bishop to join us in our visit - it turned out to be exactly what they needed. The father of the family ended up talking about a lot of things that had happened in the past that offended him - with the bishop there, they were able to set things straight - it was such a tender meeting and we could really feel the presence of the spirit there with us. In the end, the father said that he feels they are ready now and committed to being baptized in July and said he would talk to his wife about July 16th! We are so stoked! We also got two other people set up with baptismal dates this week for July as well! Also Yannique has a date for July 2nd! Right now in the ward we have about 11 baptisms scheduled for July - hopefully the majority if not all of them will follow through! We got a lot of great things going on here! It's great to be a part of it and to feel the Lord working through us despite our shortcomings.

We also had our "au revoir" meeting with Pres. and Sister Patrick and some of their family. It was a great meeting and they actually did a Q and A session as well. That is the last time I will be seeing them...until my Homecoming!!!! haha I was talking to Daniel, one of their sons who is at home right now and he gave me his word that he would be there. I am assuming pres. and sis Patrick will tag along :)))) if they're not busy, haha. Tampa ain't too far from Athens.

It's been a great week and we are working hard to end this month on a good note! Thanks for the love and support! Keep enjoying y'all's summer time!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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