Monday, May 16, 2016


Greetings Family!

Thanks for the reminders on how many days I have left! haha. Also looks like y'all have had quite the week, any week with Ryan Seacrest has definitely gotta be a great one... Things just keep on a changin' down there from what it seems. Wanna know what's happenin up here? It's snowing. Yes, it's May 16th and it's me, things ain't changing up here. We celebrated the snow by listening to Christmas songs this morning. Yep, people are getting ready for winter again here.

Our week has been pretty eventful - people here are getting all sappy again now that I will be leaving for real this week. I have really loved my time here in Ville Marie - it's crazy how fast it has flown by, but I'm definitely ready to get out to Chapel Hill with my New Missionary. The Bishop over there called me once again this week- the members are excited to have us out there! We're stoked to get out there and do work! Apparently there are a couple Haitian families over there that need some gospel blessings! :))

Rejwane and Michel have been doing great progress towards their baptismal dates on May 28th and June 4th! It's been such a privilege to work with them! I have learned so much especially with Rejwane not coming from a Christian background - it's been a humbling experience to say the least to be able to teach her. It's so great to see the light in people's eyes as they connect their life experiences back to the love that our Heavenly Father has for us and them in particular. Also, we have been continually finding new people to teach her and Denilo, (the excommunicated member) is doing great as well! I'm definitely gonna be sad to leave all these people for real this time, but I feel confident that the Lord is taking care of this area.

Being in a trio has been a lot of fun to say the least.

Oh and we also found beg bugs in our apartment which are being exterminated today... :)))))

Yeah so our week has been great! We had a lovely zone training meeting earlier in the week and I realized just how important moments are in our lives. Our lives are defined by the day to day and the moment to moment, not by the years, months, or weeks. My time as a full time missionary has really made me understand that concept even more.

I am so grateful for the experiences that have defined my life and defined my time as a missionary - they have led me up to this point to where I am at right now.

I look forward to letting y'all know how life is in Ottawa next week!

Have a great week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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