Monday, April 18, 2016

Qu'est ce qui se passe?

Why hello again dearest mother and family....

It's great to hear from everyone as usual! Thanks for all the thoughts y'all shared with me! Those strawberries look dang good...all I gotta say is that y'all better be saving some for me...the strawberries up here aren't nearly as good. Also, that G Day over at Stanford looked absolutely insane...nothin like a new coaching staff to shake some things up over in Dawg Country...dang, gotta love them Dawgs. It's great to see that y'all are in touch with Elder Hattaway's family! Haha, him and I have been talking about flying home together ever since we started this whole thing almost two years ago... and now it's actually gonna happen. I was talking to him about it the other week too, we definitely need to get lunch together.

As for our week, we finished up the tour of zone conferences - we had one out in Québec city and the other one in Longueuil. They both went super well! It's great to see how ideas develop and come together as well as how they change according to each zone's needs. We spend a lot of time talking about how to build faith in others and in ourselves - which I'll probably take some time to talk about at some point. We also spend a good deal of time discussing the nature of the Holy Ghost- which is something that has come up a lot with the people we have been teaching lately. Lastly, we talked about Believe, Faith, Testimony, and Conversion and how to help people along that path including ourselves. We got some great insights and on top of that we had our Stake Conference this Sunday - Elder Sinclair from the 70 was there with Bro Deserres from our ward translating for him. The conference also had some great talks - President Patrick talked a lot about the same ideas of things that came up in zone conference and Elder Sinclair talked about being a "anana dans un champ de maïs" - more or less about how not to be afraid to be different or unique - especially in following the teachings of Christ. You look at His perfect example and you see how much he was criticized and rejected by those around Him - yet, he never apologized for His teachings, because they were true doctrine.

Also, on Thursday of this week we received Elder Keller from Kirkland who is still with us and will be staying with us until the end of the transfer (this week). His companion had to go home due to medical issues and so right now he is staying with as and trying to coordinate rides/transportation over to Kirkland during the week so he can continue to work in his area. It's been pretty fun so far - He was in the MTC with me so we have gotten to know each other pretty well over these past 2 years.

Transfer planning is this week since it's the last week of the transfer - we'll see what happens! My fate for the rest of my mission will most likely be decided there with President and Sister Patrick. It's crazy to think of everything that has led up to this point! I've learned so much in my time on my mission so far.

Lastly, EVENS GOT THE MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOOD!! We were there to ordain him right after stake conference and Frank should be getting it as well this next Sunday if he gets back in time from New York! Also Michée, Simon, and Louise are getting baptized this weekend!!!!!! They have their baptismal interviews tonight!!!! We are so stoked for them! Michel's date was moved to May 7 and we are still working with Rejwane for May 21! Things are moving over here!

I look forward to letting y'all know how the week goes!!!

Peace and Love!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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