Monday, April 11, 2016

Fait que..... le printemps?

Well hello once again!

It's great to hear from y'all and that everything went fine and dandy out in Utah this past week. I gotta say, it's pretty crazy now that summer planning logistics are coming into play- the reality of my death as a missionary is sinking in more and more... Seriously though it's been a great week over here! We've had more snow (that's right, you guessed it) and we are beginning to wonder if winter is starting over again?..

This week we had three zone in Ottawa and two in Montréal. They went great and we are looking forward to finishing up the tour of conferences this week!

Among the zone conferences we had some pretty interesting things happen. First off, I got a text late Tuesday evening from president telling me that I was going teaching with him and Elder Pinkham on Thursday to go see Sylvain. Yeah so it's a pretty sad story, but basically he came across some pretty serious anti Mormon material shortly after his baptism and he had a drastic change in his living situation.. all of that combined together just really has him in a bad position now. Elder Pinkham was talking to me about it and wanted me to come to visit and see Sylvain - so he talked to president about it and all three of us ended up going together. I gotta say, it was pretty sweet to go out teaching with President Patrick, I've only heard of one other time where that's actually happened. It basically felt like a rescue mission, haha and Elder Pinkham said it was like "bringing in the artillery." The meeting went great with Syvain and ended with him accepting another Book of Mormon and committing to start over again - which is a victory! It's crazy how the adversary works with us and how quickly we can forget things as we let ourselves be exposed to bad influences. We need the Holy Ghost to be our constant companion to keep us in remembrance.

That's probably been one of the biggest things I have learned on my mission: That there really is a God and there really is a devil that are both present in our every day life and have a real influence on what happens around us. I could not even begin to describe how many times that has been manifested to me through the experiences that I have had on my mission up to this point.

Also, like I already told ya, the office asked me what airport I'll be flying home to so y'all should be getting my itinerary in a matter of a week or so.

I spent an exchange with Elder Hunter as well...yeah, the same Elder Hunter that I went on exchanges with back when I was in Sherbrooke. We had some great time to reflect on our mission experiences up to this point, especially since he leaves in two weeks! So crazy to think about that.

We also met this lady from Kurdistan this past week who is wanting to convert from Islam to Christianity. Our first lesson with her was such a sweet and humbling experience as we talked and explained to her the Nature of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. It's amazing to see the light in people's eyes as you explain to them gospel truths and relate it back to experiences that have already had in the past with Deity, namely where they have felt the power of the Holy Ghost at some point in their past. She explained to us some pretty incredible stories...she's definitely had her fair share of miracles in her life. Her name is Rejwane. She has a baptismal date for May 21. Stoked! I love these people here and I love these just don't see that stuff anywhere else than in missionary work. It's just amazing.

This week we are getting into game time mode with Michée and Michel - both of which are getting baptized in two weeks. We have two more zone conferences this week and after that, transfer planning will be starting! So crazy. It feels like we just got done with the last transfer.

That's basically what's been goin on from our side of things. Have a fantastique semaine y'all and I'll talk to ya next week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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