Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bon Beh Fait que

Greetings to everyone from French Canadia!!

Seems like y'all had quite the time at the conference center this past weekend - glad to know that I'm basically the only member in the family that has never actually been there before...not like it actually matters or anything. En plus, as much fun as that probably was...nothing beats watching general conference as a missionary and getting to watch it in Québec. On that note...props to the guy at conference who said "Montréal, Québec" with a French accent. Enjoy y'all's time out in Utah!

As for our week - we killed it. We were going from one place to the other, right and left, teaching lessons and finding new people. We found 2 different families that are both friends of members in our ward this past week who have started taking the missionary lessons now. This was our only week in the transfer where we could basically worry about nothing else except being normal missionaries and dang it felt so good! Like I said we were super busy - we had two exchanges with the Montréal and the Longueuil Zone leaders which were great. I spend the exchanges with Elder Pulsipher and Elder Shaw. Elder Shaw actually was in my group that came into the mission so we were able to really reflect on some good times and talk about how much we've learned on our missions.

On top of all that, Elder Caine and I are actually getting transferred up to Nunavut ! To be the first missionaries sent up there in a long time!

Only jokin, but we get the next best thing! Apparently, recently the mission has been receiving a lot more media referrals from the Nunavut/Hudson bay area. Since we currently don't have any missionaries serving in that area President has asked us to take care of the referrals by getting in contact with them and potentially starting the lessons over skype with them. WE TALKED TO SOME INUITS! Over the phone... one of the referrals, who is not a native, actually was supppppeerrr interested. We explained her the story behind the Book of Mormon and her response was "wow, so what the natives talk about up here is actually true." whattttt??????? We freaked out when we heard that. She's getting materials sent to her and hopefully we'll be able to start skype lessons soon! Along with that, hopefully she'll start talking to her native friends about this and we can get a good reason to start sending missionaries back up there! It'll be just like Ammon and all the missionaries in the book of mormon, haha. Seriously, I'm gonna put in a petition to have me sent up to Nunavut for my last two transfers of my mission! I believe in miracles. That would be so freakin sweet. Dang...

Dans le fond, that was our week. We got zone conferences coming up this next week with the first one starting tomorrow in Ottawa. We're stoked! We got some good trainings prepared and we're excited to see how it all goes! Zone Conferences are one of the best experiences as a missionary! (being an assistant has it's perks mainly because we get to go to all of them :)))))) )

I also really enjoyed a lot of what was said at conference - I feel more and more of it was being directed to what I need to do after my mission as well. It's crazy to realize just how fast the time is going by. Summer is getting closer and closer (though you wouldn't know it if y'all were up here) leftover snow is still around and they have announced more for this week. Along with that we still ain't seein no leaves on the trees and it's still like -10. Gotta love the Canadian winter :)) there's no such thing as spring here haha.) It's also nice to know that thanks to the Gospel, we ain't gotta focus on how we are gonna get to where we are now all the way to the end of the road in becoming more like our Heavenly Father. All we have to focus on is how to be a better person today than we were yesterday. Taking things one step and one day at a time is how God works with us and it's how the grace/power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ works with us as well. That's something I was also reminded of this past week as we had a super powerful lesson with one of our investigators who has a baptismal date as he really opened up to us about his past. Also, I especially enjoyed the talks from Elder Bednar, and the other two that talked about forgiveness through the atonement and refugees/service work. That's something I have seen a lot on my mission as I have been able to hear a lot of refugees' stories - I've also seen the difference that the gospel can make in their lives and it just motivates me to be better and spend my life in service. That's what we all need to be working towards- offering a hand of service to those in need, especially those on the home front that we may not even realize are there. And it is so true that their current situations don't define them, but the way that we react can define us. I am so grateful for that opportunity that my mission has given to me. The priesthood session was also great as the priesthood men got a good ol dose of chastening from the brethren. Gotta love it! We need it!

All in all conference was great and I am looking forward to hearing about y'all's adventure's in Utah over the next week! Take care, peace and love!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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