Monday, March 14, 2016

Le Beau Temps

Ki p dire y'all!!?

Always good to hear from everyone as usual! It seems like y'all are really enjoying the time at the farm! My farming days at UGA, the summer before I left, seem like forever ago. So stoked for Daeshaun to leave for his mission later this month! You're gonna love it brutha! I'm also glad to hear that everyone survived the spring forward with "minor" interruptions. And dang, that mounted deer head is gonna look good in my new college apartment...;)

This week for us was full of a lot of planning and a lot twists and turns and ins and outs and ups and downs and whatever other opposite turns you can think of. It started with an exchange out to valleyfield- I spent my time out their with Elder Jones, and I got to know a bit more of the good people out in Valleyfield. It's a quaint little Quebecois place. We also ended up teaching the Law of Chastity to a Lesbian Couple that has recently started taking the missionary lessons and has some friends that introduced them to the church-lemme tell ya, probably one of the most interesting lessons I have had on my mission. Elder Jones kept telling me how grateful he was to have me there- he was gettin a little nervous over the course of the lesson. Eventually, the elephant in the room left and the lesson went really well! It's amazing to me just how those that are open and prepared in their hearts to receive the gospel receive it with joy; and see the commandments as something that will bless them and liberate them instead of restricting them. It was a great experience.

The zone training on Wednesday went great and transfer planning went by relatively smoothly as well! Everyone has received their transfer calls and now we're moving on to transportation- we will be spending some extra time at the office over the next two days to make sure everything goes by smoothly- we`re working towards getting everyone indépendant, which is what matters most. We are excited for our new group of missionaries that are coming in Tomorrow!!!! We have 7 new sisters and 6 new elders and I will finally become a Grandfather!!!!!!! Elder Blackwelder will be training! So stoked for him! The best thing is that I will get some quality time with my grandson before he gets sent out in the field. Sad thing is, at that point he won't even know I'm his grandfather, but who cares??! :D Also the weather is starting to slowly warm up- slowly but surely. Thankfully, we are a lot better off at this time than we were last year. I still have no idea how I survived last year...

We also have been seeing a lot of good things come from new people that we have met- right now we have two people fixed up with a baptismal date, Renaud, and Annick. They are from two different families and are both 17 and 18. We also have some new lessons set up with some great potentials this week so we are looking forward to that!

We got a call on Wednesday night telling us that Sister Hébert was rushed to the hospital and was in emergency care. We had heard she was asking for a blessing so we tried to get a hold of the bishop and her home teachers but nobody was answering. We went to go see her and she was already unconscious by the time we got there. We talked to her daughter shortly after and found out the next morning that she passed away. It was definitely a little upsetting, but we know she's doing well where she is now. I've definitely had to deal with death a lot more on my mission than I would have ever expected- but I'm completely grateful for all of my experiences. I have learned a lot- to say the least.

This week we are also all getting ready for "Moi Néphi" - a musical production that was written by a member in our ward. It has two showings this weekend, and we will be there on Saturday night with some of the people we are working with. We are looking forward to it! It's definitely gonna be a great missionary experience!

Also, the church has released a new video online, #Hallelujah. Watch it. Love it. Share it. Live it. Easter is coming. Thanks for all the love! Take care and have a great week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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