Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Je rêve d'une pâques blanche...

Hello once again!!!

No mama, I'm not dead... we just had our p day changed from Monday to Tuesday due to the holiday after Easter..it was something that changed mid week so I wasn't able to give you a warning ahead of time...sorry bout that. But hey! Everything is going great! Shoutout to Kaitlyn and her birthday this week...getting old is a real thing. Also DAESHAUN IS A MISSIONARY!! Dang, so proud of my brother! Thanks for all the pictures as well as the thoughts y'all shared with me.

It goes without saying that things were shaken up here a bit following the event in Brussels...President Patrick is related to the mission president out there and actually lived in Brussels for a time. It's also hit home to a lot of the french people here especially the belges. Thank goodness we can find comfort in the gospel amidst all the difficulties around us.

For us we had a pretty decent sized snow storm roll in for Easter...we were on exchange that day so I got to roll around in the new 2016 chevy colorado truck that the Ottawa Zone Leaders received... I ended up being the driver with a back seat full of packages and summer tires on...it was a lot of fun. I miss driving around in a truck...

I also got the chance to go back out to valley-field for another exchange... such a quaint little place out in the French Canadian countryside. I love it. The English stake actually had an Easter concert this weekend with a bunch of musical performances from all over the place- it was like the one we had for Christmas. Again, our ward choir ended up being one of the two french performances as we sang "Jésus Né bien humblement" - such a great hymn. We had a great time and there was a really strong feeling in the chapel during the concert - music invites the presence of the spirit so easily..it can also chase it away so easily. This is really the main reason we sing during sacrament services. Apparently y'all could actually find the Easter concert somewhere on youtube as well.. We also sang with the missionary choir in that stake and we sang a rendition of "If the Savior stood beside me." I got to stand next to one of my sons and my grandson as we sang that...such a proud moment :')

This past week we also helped 2 less actives/ returning members with their family history as we are preparing them to go to the temple this weekend. Brother Roger and Brother Jacob. It was such a great experience to be able to help them find names as we were at the family history center working with the specialists to help find more information on their family lines. There is such a joy that comes from doing that special kind of work...I am now realizing more and more how important it is for us to be involved in family history work sooner rather than later...the spirit is definitely present as we discover more about our family ties and it really is a lot of fun! The Spirit testifies of all truth, you can definitely feel it testify of the divine role of families as you work. With all of that, I definitely won't be waiting until I'm retired to work on family history...

Yesterday was also a great day as we met a friend of one of our less actives who was born in the church, but never baptized. He's from Haiti, his name is Ethien and he has a pretty cool story! We're excited to start teaching him as well and helping him work towards the baptism he never had when he was younger. It's been a great week and we have seen blessings as the Lord strengthens us in our efforts! We are looking forward to general conference! This is our last week before Zone conferences come up again! Things are gonna get even busier pretty quickly.

Thanks again! I love y'all!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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