Monday, February 8, 2016

Qui P Dire????

Salut à tous!

It's good to hear from y'all as always!

Good to see that the Broncos pulled in a super much as I'm not a Manning fan, I'm even less of a Newton fan... Falcons gotta rise back up next year.

Seems like I can't avoid the references now to the fact that I am coming back home in July- like dang y'all chill, I still got like 5 months, haha.

As for our week, it was completely crazy with transfers. We had some problems come up at the mission office as they were organizing the transportation so they called us in for backup...thankfully everything got taken care of and the transfers went by quite smoothly. We got 7 new sisters and 1 new elder- it's a good set of missionaries. Elder Brooks ended up being the trainer for the new elder- surprise, surprise...

So with Elder Caine, I'm an idiot and he is actually from Ile Maurice- Maritius. Still right of the coast of south africa- he's technically south African though. Either way, we enjoy comparing each other's "southern accents". We are having a lot of fun and he got his mission call to speak Spanish so he's spending some time teaching me some Spanish as well as some Maritian Creole. It's a lot of fun! I'm coming back trilingual, that's my goal.

Amidst the transfers we have seen some good things happen as we have been continuing to find new people to teach and we are seeing progression with those that we are already working with. We are getting a lot more time just to proselyte now that transfers are over so it's quite the breath of fresh air.

In studies this week I find it interesting how many examples we can find in the book of Mormon of the "pattern of happiness". One example, in 2 Nephi 5:27, it says in a short simple verse that they lived after the manner of happiness. It's actually pretty profound as we look to how they were able to live in such a way. First off, with the start of a new civilization- they built a temple. Temple blessings are linked to our state of happiness. Along with that, Nephi taught the people to be hard workers- when we work hard, we feel accomplished---happiness. The relationships they had with one another were also in check as the people understand the importance of putting the Lord first. There are so many examples of how we can live happily. In the end, like Mohatma Ghandi said, "Happiness is when our thoughts, our words, and our actions are in harmony with one another". I am grateful for the happiness that the fullness of the gospel brings to our lives!

Thanks y'all for all the love and support! passez a formidable semaine y'all!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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