Monday, February 29, 2016

Bonne Année en Saut

Happy February 29th y'all! Crazy to think that we are already headin in to March this week. Les jours s'écoulent. Glad to hear that y'all are enjoying the warmth of springtime. It's right about this time of year when you forget what green grass and warm breezes look and feel like. Thanks for all the thoughts and spiritual insight! It does me good to read some stuff like that.

This week has been rather busy as they all are. We started the week off by taking Elder Bouthot, a missionary from Drummondville (here in Quebec) who is going to serve his mission in the Congo. He is actually from Burkina Faso, but has lived here ever since he was little. He actually has a super sweet story and has gotten special permission to stop by Burkina Faso and see his mom who he hasn't seen in over 15 years. He's super cool and it was actually his first time flying ever since he got in a Canada. We had a lot of fun taking him to the airport and helping him get through baggage and everything else up until the point where we sent him off on his way to the plane to the Ghana MTC! It was a lot of fun, I love new missionaries! It was so exciting to see and talk to someone who hadn't even been to the MTC yet and who was getting ready to start their crazy adventure. I love it! He's got a great 2 years ahead of him!

We also ate dinner at a Mauritian restaurant (the Island where Elder Caine is from)- seriously, Montréal is the only place in the world where you would find that kind of food anywhere else other than the island of Mauritius itself. It was some good stuff- a "Rougaille" sauce with sausage and rice and some other little things. I'll send y'all the picture. Elder Caine was beaming the whole time we were there, especially as he was able to talk Mauritian créole to the workers there. Now we just gotta find a down home southern cookin joint...

We also spent the week in two exchanges with the zone leaders from Québec city and Ottawa. I got to spend time with Elder McOmber and Elder Critchlow. I had a great time with both of them. Elder Critchlow and I enjoyed once again being able to reflect on all things southern. We also had mission leadership council on Friday which went great as well.

We were able to see a lot of small miracles this week especially one night where me and Elder McOmber were able to help out these people that were in the process of moving out of their apartment. (Not exactly the best time of year to move). One of the girls slipped on the icy stairs and ended up breaking her finger (at least it wasn't from playing basketball at the Mtc). We stopped with the member of our ward that was with us and helped them finish taking down all of their boxes that were still upstairs in the apartment. It was help that was greatly needed and we were super grateful for the experience as it gave them a chance to learn more about what we do as missionaries as well. I didn't think much of the experience as first, but I thought more and more about it and especially as the member that we were with, Brother Weber, talked to us about it, the more I realized just how present the Lord is in every little detail of our daily lives. We don't realize it as much as we should- it's through opening our eyes that we are able to see the miracles that happen around us. Sometimes I think we expect too much, or we expect something different. I love going out and thinking "I wonder what the Lord is gonna do tonight." I heard somebody say that at some point and I've tried to say the same thing to myself since- I think it's something we should say to ourselves every day. I wonder what the Lord is gonna do today. If we keep our eyes open, we will recognize it. The Lord is occupied in the little details, the "precept on precept", the "here a little there a little". It's the big plans and the big changes that we need to be cautious of- as we look for these experiences we can ask ourselves "Am I a better person today than I was yesterday?" Based on our answer, we will be able to gauge our focus on a day to day basis in shaping our lives to become something, and someone better. "Have I done any good in the world today?" - such a great song, something we should always be considering.

Thanks for the love and support y'all! Much Canadian love from your Canadian missionary!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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