Monday, January 25, 2016

Pal Mal Débordé Icitte

Well another week of this pretty mild winter has just flown by! It's good to see that some people down there are getting to enjoy some winter snow! I have forgotten what it is like to enjoy but really. Just to answer your question about Celine Deon's Husband's funeral- no we didn't see anything from it, we heard about it but that's about it.

This week for us has been full of a bunch of ups and downs- as they mostly all are. We have been super busy with zone conferences which started on Thursday after the missionary broadcast on Wednesday! The broadcast was great! A lot of great instruction from the brethren who mainly reminded us that the calling of a missionary is linked to the calling of an apostle.

The first two conferences that we did were in Mount Royal and in Ottawa- they both went great! We had a lot of traveling to do going back and forth from Ottawa and back, but we made it just in time to go to the temple. It was actually an interesting set of experiences as we ended up driving a new car up to Ottawa for the team in Pettawawa- a 2016 Nissan rogue...yeah. I got to drive that thing right off the lot...needless to say it was a lot of fun. Since we took that car over to Ottawa, we ended up driving back to Montreal with President. We went straight to the temple, as it was a ward trip and two of his sons were there. We met up with Frank and Evens and we got to be a part of their experience there with baptisms and confirmations! It was great! It's such a privilege to be a part of an experience like that, especially as Frank also was able to do the ordinances for his father and his grandfather. So incredible!

We had a lot of things fall through on Saturday which was a little frustrating, but we had a great day yesterday as we were led to this lady with whom we ended up having a 40 minute conversation with her right outside on her door step. She is from Cote D'Ivoire and we are planning on seeing her again this weekend! We also are getting ready for transfers as we have about the first half of transfer planning done- which includes all of the new missionaries that are coming in. Don't ask me where sister Paine is going...I ain't tellin no secrets.

Thanks for the love and support y'all! Have a lovely week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

A book that a member in our ward wrote- he gave us autographed copies. He is so awesome!

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