Monday, January 18, 2016

BEH LE, qu'est ce qui arrive?

Allo tout le monde! Once again it's great to hear from y'all! Seems like y'all had a great stake conference! I can't believe how big Tay has gotten! It seems like things just keep continuing to change down there in Athens! Reality is starting to set in with all the school and scholarship emails... I'll get back to you as soon as I can; however, if anyone would like to write them for my guest :)

As for our week- it has been just another crazy busy week. We went on 3 exchanges, which has me kinda forgettting who my real companion even is, haha. I got to spend the first two exchanges here in Ville Marie, the first one with Elder Herring from the MTC! Shoutout to that punk! We had a great time reminiscing on our MTC memories as well as all of our mission experiences up to this point. After that I spent an exchange with Elder Critchlow, my brotha from the south. We met a lot of new people that day who were interested to hear more and we have had some good experiences come from that. We also have been continuing to work with Bother Belot and his Son Jean Fred- Jean Fred has got a date for the 20 of February so we are gettin excited for that! For the last exchange, I went out to Ottawa for the first time- We spent our time mostly in Gatineau- which is the last city in Quebec right on the border of the river that crosses into the province of Ontario and the city of Ottawa. I got a pretty nice glimpse of parliament. We'll actually be going back to Ottawa later this week so I am looking forward to that! Not only did I get to go to Ottawa and Gatineau (my trainer, Elder Norman will be exstatic because he talked about how great Gatineau was all the time) but I also got to spend that exchange with Elder Nilson who I served with in Sherbrooke this time last year! It was a lot of fun- we talked about a bunch of great and funny things we remembered from our time out in Sherbrooke- we had a lot of fun over there with Elder Read and Elder Mena. It's crazy to talk about how much has changed since then- we both have learned a lot. We defnitley never would have pictured ourselves in this situation this time last year- we went on exchanges together about this time last year as well- only for that one we didn't have a car...and it was -39 C. Luckily, we had a car this time and it was just a tad bit warmer...but still dang cold. We actually met a guy who was making his own skating rink in his backyard...only in Canada. We had a great time!

This next week we are insanely busy with the global missionary broadcast on Wednesday- super excited to see what that brings! Right after that we are starting the Zone Conference tour for the mission which will be based primarily off of what we will be hearing at the broadcast as well as some things that we can do to improve our teaching skills. We are stoked! We have a lot of travel fixed up for the next two weeks before transfers, it's gonna be crazy busy but we are excited! Not only that, but we are going to the temple with Frank this friday!!!!!! The ward is having a temple trip for the youth and recent converts! So pumped! He just got the priesthood this past Sunday, SO HAPPY FOR HIM!!! And we took him to go give the sacrament to sister hebert right after that! Not only that but Evens also gave his first talk in Sacrament this past Sunday about his trip to the temple the other week! We have a lot of exciting things happening here in Ville Marie! And we are looking forward to a great next couple of weeks leading into transfers! We start transfer planning this week...we'll see how it goes! :)))) Y'all are the best! Keep makin me proud!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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