Monday, December 7, 2015


Dang, I am sitting here spinning in my chair right now after hearing that news- dang, the dawg nation is definitely going under quite a change. Those pictures you sent me Andy made me jump back haha- wow, it's weird how much is changing down there. Good luck Richt, Let's go Smart! I do have a lot of respect for him even if he was at Bama, we'll see how everything goes I guess. Crazy to hear about all that football news...

okay mama, I'll stop talking about that now.

It's great to hear that everyone is keeping busy and that y'all enjoyed some Senior Sol once again without me! Thanks for all the uplifting thoughts that y'all shared as well! Real quickly as well: mama, I'll let ya know when I get the package-thanks a ton. And as for the skype, I really don't know when we will be doing it yet haha. I'll let y'all know as soon as I can. Also, you're gonna have to get Josh to say that "hey gurl" over skype- that sounds too funny! Well, if he's not too shy... does he even remember who uncle Cody is?

So our week here has been amazing! We are SO PUMPED for Frank's baptism this weekend! This guy has been so awesome to work with! It's great to see how people's desire and faith grows as they start making steps to draw themselves closer to Christ! Basically, ya getta see Alma 32 in action: there just ain't anything better than that! We also have been putting a huge focus on the Christmas message as well as getting people to the temple to do family history work. We have had some awesome experiences so far and we are planning on going to the temple soon with a recent convert from Lasalle that has asked for me to be there when we do the work in the temple for his parents! Seriously, temple work just brings such an awesome spirit to the people here!

Marylene in Sherbrooke got baptized over this weekend! It makes me so happy to hear that, as she is someone that has been taught for a long time! Sherbrooke just keeps getting bigger and bigger! I got to talk to the missionaries over there for a little bit over the phone and it's just great to hear that things are still going well over there!

I also went on 2 exchanges this week- one with the English Montreal Zone leaders and the other with the Zone Leaders out in Ottawa. I got to go to Ontario for the first time! While I stayed in our area for both exchanges, we had to meet up halfway at a place in Ontario- didn't feel a whole lot different from Quebec. Just was a little weird to see things in English again, yet when we walked into a breakfast joint to meet up, the people there were speaking about as Quebecois as you can get, haha- just a reminder that we weren't far from Quebec. Seriously, Kaitlyn, I can't wait for you to experience some Quebecois someday- your perspective on the French language will forever change. The exchanges were awesome as I was with Elder Thomas (Le petit Belge) and Elder Jones (from Michigan). We learned a lot and saw some miracles as we were able to contact people that the missionaries haven't seen for a while.

We also went out with our Bishop this week- Bishop Nascimento (from Brasil). He is awesome! I thought about it recently, over my mission I have had bishops from Egypt, Quebec, England, and now Brasil. It's been cool to see the diversity and the different styles they have- Bishop Nascimento is such an awesome person! So much love and so much hard work built into him! He always calls us "his friends" our "les amis." Definitely a great opportunity to be working with him! He was actually just recently called as the bishop as well right before I came here. Last night we ate dinner and watched the devotional with the Baldi and Razafinimanana families (one from France and the other from Madagascar). It was a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to an awesome week leading up to Franks baptism! We are gonna be pretty busy with transfer planning, which I am looking forward to doing for the first time! Things are continuing to progress here which is great to see!

As a missionary, you see a lot of people that have doubts and that struggle with a lot of different things. The second chapter of 1 Corinthians is something that has been going through my head recently. Paul gives a great explanation of how the things of God can only be discerned by the SPIRIT of God- if we are trying to use science or physical proof to prove that God exists then we are doing things backwards. The natural man rejects the things of God because they seem foolish to him- it's such a powerful teaching as Paul explains that we are only able to teach and learn by the Spirit- NOTHING ELSE. No matter what our education levels, no matter what our standing is in life- if we do not have the ability to tune into the language of the Spirit, we will fail in our understanding. In the end, all things are spiritual- it just takes the ability of Spiritual Discernment: something which is given to each one of us as children of God- all it takes is a little desire, and a little effort before we are able to see things grow and our understandings open. "Everyone has the right to be a prophet for his or her self" as Bruce R. McConkie states. The way we do that is through seeking guidance of the spirit for those things that are pertinent to us in our lives at this very moment. Learning the language of the spirit is the path that leads to personal revelation- which is a basic principle of salvation. I definitely have seen this first hand with people that we have been teaching- both good and bad example. We need to all seek to better our understandings in order to gain more light and truth on the path that we are currently taking in our lives- which, in the end, while our journeys are all different, they all are leading to the same place as we do what we are supposed to do.

Thanks for all the love and support y'all! Have a super belle semaine!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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