Monday, December 14, 2015

Les Fetes

Greetings Mother.

Well, I really don't think you'll ever stop talking about that meeting for the rest of your life now...I am super glad to hear how great it went for you! That is really exciting to hear about everything that is going on down there as the holidays get closer and closer. Enjoy those gingerbread houses! (I will have to send you a picture of the gingerbread montreal temple the Patrick family did...insane.) As for the trip to Montreal in 2019, y'all can count me in! Free tour guide...what more can ya ask for? Plus there are sooooooo many people y'all have to meet! I'm already super excited for that! Dang, I love this place! As for skype, haha, welll...... we still don't have the time nailed down 100% sure yet, BUT I will tell y'all that it will most likely be around lunch time... that's all I got. Don't freak out too much, it's just been super busy here lately as we have been getting ready for transfers. I'll get y'all the rest of the details next week :))

As for our week: It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! FRANK WAS BAPTIZED! It was a super awesome service as we had a good turnout with some good Haitian food at the end (ya can't beat that). Elder Brooks baptized him and I confirmed him the next day- we had a lot of members helping out with the service and everything- he is already becoming a part of the ward here and has been fellow shipped so nicely-so great to see! I love this guy! He got up and bore a SOLID testimony about the Atonement after he was baptized- he's makin me proud :') That was definitely the biggest highlight of the week; but, also, as I said earlier we did have a lot of transfer planning to take care of as well. It was super cool to be able to sit down with President Patrick and look at all the new missionaries coming in individually, as well as to just plan and feel out what changes the mission needs. I imagine that it's a little taste of what the Quorum of the 12 goes through when they assign missionaries throughout the world- génial! We've got a solid group of 9 missionaries coming in this week and I am looking forward to greeting them when they get here! :DDDDDDD I LOVE NEW MISSIONARIES! It's gonna be so much fun and plus we get to eat some meals over at the Patrick's place, which you definitely can't complain about either... We actually have another transfer coming up the week after because we will be having a mission-wide devotional (which is actually something that doesn't happen that often) but we've gotten permission to do so- we are definitely looking forward to that on the 22nd! Basically the 2nd half of transfers will be happening there. So much work to do! I love it! It's kinda weird to think that Christmas is already almost here. Saturday evening we had a huge Christmas program put together by the two stakes here in Montreal- English, French, Chinese, and Spanish were all there. It basically consisted of a bunch of musical numbers put on by members of both stakes. It was really cool to see the diversity in people that are all unified in Christ as well as to be able to feel of the special spirit that was there. We actually ended up singing "Premier Noel" with our tiny little ward choir as they had a special arrangement they wanted to do- it went really well! I lost my voice, as I have been battling this stupid cold/flu thing all week and all the singing on Saturday just did it in...haha. I basically had no voice all day yesterday including Frank's confirmation, but somehow I managed to get it done (definitely with some divine help). Also, singing "premier noel" brought me back to my caroling days in Sherbrooke last year as that was one of the main songs that we sang to the people we visited haha. Man, I love Sherbrooke!

(if you haven't been able to tell by my lack of complaining about it) It hasn't really been that cold yet! :D

Things are great up here! We have been having some great experiences with the people we have been working with! Mom, I love the quotes that you sent to me from Elder Holland from the meeting over the weekend as well! It really is so true- the only conversion that will last is one that is centered on Christ. That's something I have been able to see a lot as a missionary- people become converted to different things...but the only one that lasts is the foundation that is built on the gospel of Christ. It reminds me of the parable of the 10 virgins that is explained more in Doctrine and Covenants 45- the virgins can even be a representation of the members of the Lord's church. With the Holy Ghost representing the oil- only those who are truly converted to the Lord and living a life worthy of the companionship of the holy ghost will be ready when the time comes. It's pretty easy to see that the adversary uses so many different things to distract us and tune out our spiritual sense. We can't let the reserve run dry by becoming spiritually malnourished or unprepared. It's something we need to always work on consistently in order to grow and move forward- our spiritual progression is in a constant state of movement- it's either progressing or regressing and it's up to us and our daily actions/decisions that determine the direction and effectively, the destiny.

Y'all are the best! Enjoy the week in preparation for the holidays! Much love! Have a great week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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