Monday, November 30, 2015

Un Sauveur est Né

Bonjour y'all!

Seems like y'all enjoyed some good relax time for the Thanksgiving holiday!

First off, I just gotta give a shout out to my brutha Daushaun!! Goin to Jamaica! So excited for ya! You are gonna tear it up out there teachin them Jamaicans! Haha it seriously is the PERFECT mission for you. The Jamaican people are awesome. Also, Kaitlyn and Alex- I know driving in the snow for the first time can be kinda rough, and a little scary... so don't be afraid to email and ask Elder Ritz for some pointers at any time ;) If you can drive through the winter here in can drive through just about anything. And DANG... that is CRAZY about Richt... them dawgs better bounce back quick... Hats off to Richt- a great example of what a football coach should be- his legacy left at Georgia will not be forgotten. I could go on and on about that...but I'll leave it at that for now. But dang... Lots of changes down south... keep me updated on what happens at UGA.

Also gonna give an early birthday shout out to DAD!!! Happy Birthday!!! I think last week's hunt was a big enough birthday present as is, but enjoy your day that you have to boss everyone around!

So on our end of things this week has been basically like a roller coaster- we had a lot of things to take care of and a lot of things that changed on us at the last minute. We also had some really powerful experiences as well! We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders out in Quebec City- I stayed here in Ville Marie, but we had to drive out to Trois Rivieres to meet up as a half way point. It was quite a bit of driving that day, but it was also weird going back there as it was about this time last year when I went out there with Elder Read for a special baptism. Definitely brought back a lot of memories- crazy how much has happened this past year. I was on exchange with Elder Caine from Ile de Moise- basically, I am going to South Africa as soon as possible. That's the biggest thing I got out of that exchange, haha and we also had some good experiences coming out of a great leadership council meeting.

We are now officially 4 missionaries smaller now as a mission- The outposts of Abitibi and Rouyn have now officially been moved to the Toronto mission. We got the news kinda at the last minute so it was quite the surprise. It's been an interesting turn of events, but it definitely goes to show that the Lord knows what he is doing.

Alsoooooooooooo, we got the call Saturday morning at the last minute as well that there are a group of students from one of the universities here that are studying Liberal Arts and Oral History that wanted to do an interview of an official from our church- and they asked the missionaries to do it. We ended up meeting at the Grande Bibliotheque in downtown Montreal which is actually one of the biggest libraries in the world which was cool in it of itself- but we also met them there and went to one of the conference rooms where they interviewed me and Elder Brooks. It was a super cool experience, as they asked a lot of great questions! It was interesting to see how their demeanor changed over the course of the interview and it definitely left a really good impression on them- even after the interview they were asking a lot of other questions out of curiosity. It really was just an awesome experience and yes mama, they will be sending you a copy of the interview video.

A SAVIOR IS BORN. or Un Sauveur est Né- take your pick. If you haven't seen it yet, GO TO THE WEBSITE NOW - or and watch it! Then share it! Use this great opportunity to share why Christmas is so important to us as well as why we use the term "Savior" in talking about Jesus Christ. It's amazing to go through the scriptures and see by how many names He is known. There are too many to even list off, but what is amazing is how much significance His name really holds. There is great power and meaning in "The Name of Christ." Take some time to study that topic...I'll do the same and will be sharing with y'all some insights over this next month leading up to Christmas. Feel free to send me your insights as well :D

What a great time of year it is! What a great season and what a great opportunity that we have to share this great knowledge with everyone! As we share it, our appreciation for it grows. It's as simple as that.

Y'all are the best! Thanks for the love and support! Keep makin me proud down there in Athens!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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