Monday, November 2, 2015


I'm diggin all the Halloween pictures and costumes! I can't believe those flood pictures either out in Tybee- that's crazy. I'm sorry, but I gotta be super brief today in my email.

Basically, our week was amazing!

We have a new prime minister out here in case y'all didn't get the news...finally, we don't have to keep hearing and running into the political campaigns.

I also learned that the Inuits have about 15 different words for the word "snow"- that may tell ya a thing or two about the winter here in Quebec. I really just keep falling more and more in love with the culture here in Quebec- I just love the people here and the ability that I have to spend time with them. As for the sister missionary that is coming out here in the beginning of next year- YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT! Just start brushin up on the French and try to learn as much about the Quebecois as you can before ya come out here- it's quite different, haha to say the least.

This week we have really started teaching someone who actually comes from Iran- it's definitely a whole new experience teaching someone really with no christian background or concept of Christ. But it's a cool experience and definitely puts a new perspective on things. I went on an exchange with Elder Blackwelder this week- it felt weird to be reunited again with one of my sons haha. We got soaked as the hurricane had an effect on the weather up here as well- and when I say soaked, I mean that we got stuck out in the city in the middle of the downpour- we actually had to ask the people that we were seeing for towels to dry off, haha. Gotta love it! For Halloween, the city was a little crazy, but we spent some good time with Cedric, the high councilman in the stake for missionary work, and actually got some good visits to people done.

Last night we went to the temple open house- it.was.amazing. The temple here definitely has a nice Quebec twist with a little bit of history behind it. It was beautiful and it has definitely been too long since I have been inside the temple. We took a solid group of people with us and we committed one of our investigators, Michael, who we just started teaching to a date as he had an amazing experience. The Spirit was definitely there and it was incredible to accompany him as he saw and experienced it all. It was great to see his reactions and just how the spirit was working through him- and at the end, he just asked us when the next baptismal service was. I LOVE THE TEMPLE! We are looking forward to getting as many people as possible over there over these next two weeks.

Seriously, I have never been happier in my entire life. It is such a great privilege to serve as a missionary- you experience such a higher level of joy. In all the scriptural accounts, you read about people and missionaries such as the apostles or the sons of Mosiah who were put in prison, beaten, and persecuted to the extreme- yet, amidst it all, they were joyful. You won't find that kind of stuff anywhere else. I was thinking about that Wednesday as we were walking in the rain laughing and we actually had an incredible experience as we met someone who was touched by what we were doing out there and now wants to learn more. She basically said "so y'all are out soaking wet in the rain walking around just to look for people to help?" "Pretty much." I was just thinking about how really you won't find this kind of joy anywhere else. I seriously LOVE being a missionary. I LOVE the people here of Quebec and I LOVE this Gospel. I can't even begin to describe the joy that comes from doing missionary work- REALLY doing missionary work. When you are in the space of the Lord, miracles happen and that's when you really are doing what you are supposed to do. So to all the missionaries- LOVE YOUR MISSIONS. Do not take another second of your time for granted. I already feel my time slipping away too dang fast and having to sign up for school and classes soon isn't helping, haha. Work hard, Love the Lord, and love the people around you. We need to be "rooted in His love" and "abide in Him" to accomplish what He has in store for each one of us- missionary or not. I love y'all and thanks for all the support! Have a great week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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