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Well it's early in the morning (obviously) and we are sitting in the mission office writing emails for this week as we basically did not have a p day yesterday because of our time spent at the temple, like I said. It's nice to hear from all of y'all! I can't believe all the changes that are going on right now back home! That's crazy that so many people are moving! I don't even know if I'll be able to recognize the ward by the time I get back! Also, enjoy the hunting Dad and Andy- be sure to send me some deer jerky for the holidays...

Yeah so obviously we got the news about what happened over in France- it's kinda hard not to hear about what goes on especially with all the French people over here. It's been a little crazy this past week- I spent the first few days saying goodbye to everyone in Lasalle (even though it's not really goodbye because I will be seeing them in the same building on Sundays)- then on transfers I got to greet the new missionaries here at the office and had to help out with a lot of the transfers. It has been quite the jump coming into my new role here, but I am finally starting to get my footing as things are slowing down just a bit, haha. Yesterday was pretty sweet as we were able to help out with the temple as we spent 7 hours moving furniture from inside it to the chapel next door. It was a lot of fun and really cool to see all the people there working on plans and everything to get it ready for the re dedication this Sunday, which everyone here is absolutely stoked for! We'll also be helping moving the furniture back in after it is dedicated.

We have a lot of exchanges planned for the next month, as we will be traveling all over the mission to see the zone leaders- I'm pretty excited to go out and see Quebec City as well as Ottawa.

We also got to help out with a child's baptism in the ward this weekend. It was a great way to get to know the members and we already have 2 Haitian dinners set up for this week :D Man, I am happy to be back in French. It's also been a bit weird having a car again and having to drive everywhere in Montreal...I love Quebec drivers. No, but it's been a great way to get to know the city even more- by the time I am done here, I will have this city mastered- that's my goal.

We also have this guy named Frank set up for a baptism on December 12 which we are all super excited for! Other than that, the week has been full of learning how to do a lot of things other than just be a missionary, haha. I got to go to the Patrick's house one day to help out with something and that was my first time back since we first got here in the field...weird.... I am super excited for the weeks ahead as we have our zone training next week as well!

It's crazy to hear everything that has been going on- the French here definitely took this past week pretty hard. It just reinforces the idea that despite everything that goes around us, we can find that peace through the gospel teachings. It really was cool to be able to walk through the temple yesterday and just see how much work and thought is put into every little thing in there- The Lord cares about the little details- the here a little and there a little- it's the big things that we need to watch out for as that's the way the adversary works. Sometimes we feel we need to bite off more than we can chew with any situation, but if we take a step back- the Lord isn't asking us to be perfect in one day, or one week, or one lifetime here on earth. it's step by step as he knows us each personally and knows and cares about the little details of our lives. I am seeing a lot about how the little details matter lately. Thank y'all for everything ya do! I love y'all! Have a super bonne semaine! I'll let ya know how the dedication goes! :))))

ps- my companion is elder brooks from Orem, Utah- haha a little detail that I forgot to include that y'all might wanna know.


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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