Monday, November 9, 2015

La fin d'un autre transfert

Well y'all, another transfer has come and gone out here in Montreal and the weather is feelin more and more like winter. I'm sorry, but I would take the rain any day over the cold. First off, I just gotta give a shout out to my brutha Daeshaun!!! This dude is gonna do awesome as a missionary! Seriously man, I am so happy for ya! Also thanks mama for the packages and whatnot- I got the JTC extended CD last week and it has already been put to good use, thanks a ton! Thanks again to everyone for all the love and support! Things seem to be moving forward back home which is good to hear! And I just can't even imagine Ryan being almost as tall as dad now...that mean's he's almost as tall as me...stop this nonsense.

As for our week here- it's been another crazy one as the transfer has drawn to a close and we have been trying to get as many people to the temple as possible. VIP tours, afternoon tours, nightly tours, french tours, english tours, chinese tours- you name it. Turns out that Yannick, from Sherbrooke, has moved to Montreal and he came to our church yesterday! We are planning on going to the temple with him this evening as well! Super excited for that! We also have 3 people set up with baptismal dates here- good things just keep on happening here in Lasalle. We went from nobody to teach to having an area alive and well again- we have definitely seen a lot of miracles in our time here these past 12 weeks. We have spent a lot of time with Cedric from the high council in doing the missionary work here- seriously, this guy understands what hastening the work is all about. Y'all gotta meet him someday- when y'all come to visit Montreal, he will be the one giving the tour.

Yesterday at church there was also one of the Young Men from Sherbrooke there visiting one of his friends- it was so nice to see him and talk to him and see how my young men are doing out there!

I also went on an exchange this week with the English missionaries working in the same place as my first area, Lemoyne. It was defintely really nostalgic haha, as we even helped out Brother Alloi and his mom- we literally ate the same thing in mama Alloi's kitchen that day that I had eaten my first night out in the field as a missionary. It seriously brought back a lot of memories and it was great to talk to them again and see how things have been over the past year. Brother Alloi is working with one of the Chinese branches in developing a more effective way to research Chinese ancestry that will be used for the church worldwide- what a man. After that we ended up helping them out with the same service that we did for them last year as well, haha. And on top of that, the Sherbrooke sisters were actually in town for the temple open house and were staying at their place so we just happened to catch them as they were leaving! It was so great to see them and hear how Sherbrooke is doing and the sister that had to leave because her sister was dying of cancer is now back, and I was surprised to see her as well! She also got sealed to her family as well while she was gone ( I can't remember if I told y'all that or not) but man, it was just great to see them! Sherbrooke still misses me, haha which I think is a good sign! I love the people out there. I've actually been able to see a few families as they have come in town for the temple open house and apparently others have been asking to see me when they were there, haha.

Aside from all that, we have just been busy with the usual missionary activities of the week. It has been great and it turns out that I am getting transferred as well. I am sad to leave the people of Lasalle, but I definitely am grateful for my time here! I have learned so much- you're kinda forced to when you have to reopen a new area. It's been a lot of fun. I am going back to teaching in French- I am moving to the Ville Marie ward in the French stake on the Island as an assistant to the president. I am stoked for what these next few months have in store and that I will be able to work closely with President Patrick in his last bit of time as a mission president. I am definitely going to miss training though for the time being- I have gotten so used to that, haha.

Thanks for all of the love and support! Stay dry and have an incroyable week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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  1. Humble Elder Ritz, never boosting of himself just sharing his love for the work and the lives that have been touched. He has earned his position as an AP, and no doubt the respect of his peers and mission president.