Monday, October 5, 2015

Profitez bien de la pluie...

Allo Ma Familia,

Well another great general conference is passed! I am still kind of in denial of the fact that I only get to experience one more as a missionary...ahhhhhhh que le temps passe trop vite!

Seems like y'all have been getting hit with the usual hurricane weather as the temperatures have continued to drop here bit by bit... getting closer and closer to that dreaded 0. Also Go Dawgs and Rise Up Falcons...

So I guess I should say before I forget that Canadian Thanksgiving is next Monday- so our p day will be moved to Tuesday. There, I was able to warn ya ahead of time- no freak outs when ya don't get an email next Monday.

Over these past two P days we went to see a lot of the different sites of Montreal- we went to the St Joseph Oratory, we also went inside the Notre Dame Basilica, we saw the Bell Center where the Canadians play hockey, we went to China Town, and have seen a bunch of other little things as well. I am continuing to fall more and more in love with the culture and the city here. In the time that we have spent here so far in Lasalle, I have gotten to know the city way better than I ever did before and am just so impressed with the diversity of culture here- it continues to amaze me. Pick a language, a culture, a food, a country- you'll find almost all of it here somewhere. We have definitely eaten some good eats as well as we have had people show us around the area.

This past week we also had an amazing lesson on the Word of Wisdom with our progressing investigator, Sylvain. Just another one of those lessons where you can see the influence of the Spirit working on someone- it's such a blessing to be a part of it and to be able to see it happen! One of the greatest things about missionary work is getting to see directly the effects that the spirit has on people and their lives as they exercise faith in Christ. It's such a blessing- as we taught and read from scripture he was really touched by the idea of our bodies being temples, which is such a great concept. We are super excited to keep working for his baptism at the end of this month! The members are really getting involved in fellow-shipping him as well, which is inspiring to see! They have done the same with a girl named Sarah, who is getting baptized this weekend! Good things are happening here in Lasalle!

As for General Conference, forget "Ponderize".... "Meditiser" is the way to go... gotta love the French translations. I really enjoyed the talk and the challenge that he threw out there. There were a lot of things that hit me at conference for a number of different reasons- but in general, how incredible it is to see 3 new apostles called to serve. It's so cool to see how each member of the quorum is so different and so unique in his own ways, yet they are all totally, completely, and perfectly united in their witness of Jesus Christ- which is really the uniting factor for us all as the "body of Christ." I was impressed as they each made mentions of their wives as well- and yes mama, I knew you were gonna say something about Elder Holland's talk in your email... Kaitlyn and Alex, I hope y'all enjoyed your time at the conference... enjoy it while you can before I come and crash the conference party with ya ;D

Thanks for the constant love and support that y'all give to me! Y'all are the best! Keep working hard and have a grandiose semaine y'all!

Much Love,

Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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