Monday, October 26, 2015

Les Portes Ouvertes

Yet another lovely week has passed by here in Lasalle as we are in preparation mode for the temple...and for winter. It's great to see that y'all are enjoying the lovely weather. And Ryan, quit growing.

It has been an incredible week here that started off with an incredible Zone Conference with Elder Golden and his wife from South Africa. It was absolutely amazing because we had a missionary that served here who just went home whose family was actually brought into the church by Elder Golden when he served his mission- he didn't realize it, but there is also another missionary in the mission right now from South Africa whose family knows Elder Golden really well too. Basically, some crazy things just happened and we had and awesome experience as we all realized how the Lord is very aware of where we are and what we are doing at all times. I don't think I have learned so much in one day ever before in my entire life- it was just an intense downpour of deep doctrinal insight, with some interesting application to what we are doing here today and just about life in general. I loved their South African accents as well haha, and he talked to us about a few misconceptions that he doesn't like that are found within the members of the church and shut each one of them down with his famous phrase- "Garbage!" He's a funny guy and it was just such a great meeting- we also got chastised and re-motivated to do better as a mission- which is a common theme in all zone conferences - Dad, I know you understand. It was inspiring to say the very least.

We also ended our day Tuesday in finding a new investigator- it was a miracle how we found her- she was hesitant at first but then we were able to see the Spirit work as she started to open up more and more, and she wanted to know more and more about the message that we share- we know that we were led there for a very specific reason and that was something that we told her while we were there as well- I can't even tell y'all how strong the spirit was in that meeting. I love it! That Zone Conference just got us even more fired up!

Speakin of being fired up, the temple open house starts next Sunday!! They are doing special tours for the missionaries and those they are working with so we will be going there next Sunday afternoon! So stoked to see it! And we are just trying to get everyone in this city so pumped and ready to go to the open house and feel of the Spirit that is there in the temple. Seriously, this temple is gonna bless the lives of SO many people! I love this work! If y'all haven't been to the temple recently, go there! It's such a blessing to have it so close- and it's been over a year now since I have been able to go so we are trying to get everyone feeling that same spirit and that same fire! The temple truly is BEST place on earth for us to feel the CLOSEST to our Heavenly Father and to our families.

I will be sure to tell y'all how everything goes! Enjoy the week and enjoy the beautiful Georgia weather! Portez vous bien


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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