Tuesday, October 20, 2015

La Mort Blanche Revient...

Greetings! Glad to hear that y'all are enjoying the beautiful weather down there! Guess what?! It snowed here! Already! The winter wonderland is already beginning........................................................................................................................ Seriously though it's kind of funny seeing Elder Pinkham's reactions to the weather here now- basically the same thing I went through last year, haha. We had some arctic winds come through here and it was flurries/sleet all weekend for the most part. We went shopping last week to get Elder Pinkham his winter gear so hopefully he'll survive...I'm grateful for my Canadian crust that I have developed, especially after last year's winter. I don't like the winter here, but I sure do respect it.

Congratulations to a year mark of progress as well dad! It's crazy to think how much has happened over this past year. And no mom, don't worry- I have MORE than enough space on all those SD cards you have sent me.

This week has been crazy/awesome/super busy as we keep finding more and more people to teach- lotta miracles happening everyday over here. We have been getting the future missionary here who leaves for seattle in a couple of weeks, Kevin, a lot of experience as we have been getting him involved in the work here and giving him a lot of pointers for the road ahead. I love new missionaries! They have such a fire and excitement to them. Even though I only have 3 mission sons, I feel like I have 2 other sons that are serving elsewhere- we did the same thing with Martin back in Sherbrooke who is now out in Colorado, and now we are doing it again here in Lasalle with Kevin who is giving his farewelll next week. They all grow up so fast :') Speaking of sons, Elder Blackwelder has now been transferred in our district as Elder Hattaway ( my Georgia bother) got shipped 6 hours north up to Alma to spend winter with the Inuits...

As for the temple- everyone is in preparation mode as they have now opened up the sign ups for all of the volunteers. It's actually pretty interesting- basically the entire country is preparing for this re-dedication because the broadcast from the temple will go country wide on that weekend, so every single unit in the country will be watching that broadcast for that Sunday. It's pretty exciting when you think about it! And we are definitely feeling the buildup as the countdown is getting shorter and shorter.

We also took Sylvain to the French Ward's baptism this past weekend which was a great experience! We have another baptism in our ward this weekend as well as Sarah is getting baptized. We have been seeing a lot of great things happen here lately and have a lot of experiences in which the spirit has directly influenced the work that is going on.

Tonight we have a leadership training from Elder Golden of the 70 as well as a zone conference with him tomorrow, so we are definitely getting stoked for that as well!

I also got a chance to meet a missionary that served here from 80 to 82 yesterday as he came back to visit for the first time with his wife. He actually served in Sherbrooke! And in one of the districts that I was in when I served in Lemoyne as well. It was so crazy to talk to him and see how much things have changed over time here- the work truly is progressing in this part of the world and it just gives ya so much excitement for the future! He actually knew some families that I know as well which was cool to see the church advancing through the generations. That's what it's all about here! Building multi generational families of faith! It doesn't matter where we are- we all have to start somewhere, and we can be pioneers in our own ways as we seek to strengthen the ties of those that bind the members of our families, whether they be alive or deceased.

Y'all keep workin hard and have a great and WARM week!

Portez-Vous bien!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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  1. Elder Ritz, What a marvelous work and wonder you are performing there in Canada. We are so proud of you and know that you're changing lives for the better with your heart felt message. You are always in our hearts and prayers. We love you and miss you. The Grants