Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Le Temple

Yes, I am still alive and breathing- this weekend they changed our p day on us in order to maximize time spent on Labor Day while most people were home or off work. Alors, our p day is today instead. Hopefully it didn't cause too much of a stir haha. This past week we had some pretty crazy and great things happen to us- we have been busy seeing a bunch of people that the ward wants us to get into contact with and we have also spent a good bit of time with new investigators to teach- one of which is close to coming up with a baptismal date, Sylvain. I got some great news this week as well- a sister who was in my district in Sherbrooke, had to go home at the end of the last transfer due to some family problems, but I got the news this week from Sherbrooke that she and her family just got sealed the other week. Super excited! And it's great to see families being built and strengthened by the gospel. On a lighter note we also met these two guys in a park this past week playing bagpipes- it was pretty sweet. I couldn't help but talk to them and they explained to us that they are in a band here in Montreal and they even played a special musical piece just for us- it was awesome. I love bagpipes- just makes me think of brave-heart and how badly I just need to go to Scotland one day and listen to bagpipes on the top of a high mountain somewhere.

Elder Hattaway, my Georgia brother, is also in my district here which has been nice being able to catch up with him- it's weird seeing how much has happened this past year and it's cool to be able to exchange stories as well as a love for football, especially as the season rolls around again.

Last night we had a crazy miracle happened as we were at the church waiting for someone to arrive that we were going to teach as the Ville Marie sisters were going to introduce us to him, a random person came up to the church full of questions and was ecstatic when we talked to him about the Book of Mormon. The guy we were waiting for and this random guy ending up coming at the same time so we had an interesting exchange with them as we went back and forth talking to them with the Ville Marie sisters that were there as well. In the end, both people are super interested to learn more and the random guy, Raul, is French so the sisters ended up with a new person to teach and Laurence, the other guy we were originally waiting for is English, so we will be teaching him. he's from Jamaica- lot of Jamaicans around here actually- he is the second one we will be teaching. I don't know if that story made sense - haha, but it was a cool experience.

The people here are also so excited for the re dedication of the temple here- it's great to feel the excitement of everyone here as it reminds me of the Atlanta temple re dedication a few years ago. Super stoked- especially as they are already talking about President Monson coming to our ward specifically if he is here- which I don't think he'll be missing out on a chance to come out to Canada if his health permits. We are just all super excited for what's coming in the next few months and we are excited to see how we will be involved as a mission. I'll definitely keep y'all updated on that.

I think sometimes we can take the temples for granted- especially now that a large majority of the people are within a short distance of the temple. It's true that we are a "temple worshiping people" and now as it has been about a year since I was last at the temple- I am definitely feeling the urge to want to go back as soon as possible. We need to seek the temples- on a constant basis. There is nothing that compares to being in that place and the Spirit of the Lord is always present. We have to ask ourselves when was the last time we went to the temple? Are we worthy to return? And we need to really feel that thirst, and that desire to go and seek learning there on a constant basis. If not, we are depriving ourselves of the necessary spiritual nourishment. Temples are truly a beacon of light wherever they may be- that is so evident being in a place where the temple is currently under reconstruction. Christ told his disciples that they are the light of the world- the only way we radiate that light is if we remain worthy and make the temple a priority in our lives. In the end, the temples lead us where we need to go and help us become what we need to be. And "Nous devenons ce que nous voulons etre en etant constamment ce que nous voulons devenir" The temples help us to continue along that path.

Peace and love y'all! Take care and have a merveilluese week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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