Monday, September 21, 2015

Venez Joyeux, Ne Craignez Rien, Tout est Bien, Tout est Bien

Salutations from abroad,

First off, GO DAWGS!!!! I just gotta get that in there. Glad to hear that Ryan enjoyed his birthday with all of his little friends- also Kaitlyn you gotta tell me the name of that return missionary from Montreal that you talked to! I got your letters, and they were very much appreciated- especially Sierra's! It couldn't have come at a better time, tell her that I love it! Also, the package is at the mission office, but I just haven't been able to pick it up yet.

So this week was crazy. Plain and simple. It was full of some pretty incredible experiences as well as some not so good ones. We had a zone conference and like always- I love President Patrick and really appreciate his love for the doctrines. We also had a meeting with all the trainers and greenies this week which was great as well! It was so cool because in the middle of it, this guy named brother Packer stopped by who just happened to be visiting Montreal last week. He was actually one of the first 25 missionaries to serve in the Canada Montreal Mission! He came in and bore his testimony to us about the work we are doing- such an amazing experience. He had such power in his words- you could tell he loved the people he served with, and man, he just had one of those testimonies "borne on the wings of fire" as Elder Holland would say. It was awesome.

We also had a night where we had everything cancel on us and we received a call from a member who was at the church asking us to come and help because there was a young teenage boy who showed up at the church crying and saying that he needed help. We immediately went over to the church to talk to him, come to find out that he had ran away from home because of some bad things that he had done. We sat down and talked to him for about 30 minutes- shared a few stories with him, and by the end- he was in good spirits and ready to go back home and make things right. We gave him our number and we haven't heard from him, so we are assuming everything turned out well with him. That was another cool experience.

In finishing Jesus the Christ, I have really just come to be so grateful for the clarity that the restored gospel brings to our lives- and through it, we can come to know our Savior more than anything else.

There was also a fight on the bus this week that resulted from us walking on it, haha- some people with different religious opinions started yelling at each other and made quite a spectacle, it was pretty funny, Imma be honest here.

So I'm gonna try my best to write this: Also this week, I received a call on Monday night from John back in Sherbrooke- he told me that Louise had decided to quit fighting and that she was going to have the doctors give her the cocktail to help her pass slowly. Then, Thursday evening, at the bus stop waiting for the bus, I got the call from him telling me that Louise had passed earlier that afternoon around 5 o clock.

That hit me.

I really can't even begin to describe the feelings that I felt and that I still feel in regards to everything that is currently going on. Her service is this Saturday, the ward in Sherbrooke has invited me to attend and wants to me to have a part in the service. Right now I am just waiting on the permission from President Patrick to go.

Even though it was something we were kinda expecting eventually, the suddenness of it as well as her actual passing- the reality of it has really started to set in. I was blessed to have played a role in the step that she made in her conversion process and am continually blessed today from the connection that we were able to build.

I am reminded again of just how the Savior knows each one of us so deeply and so personally- and how he really does lift us up and strengthen us as we turn to him- I love our Savior, and I love the people here. What a blessing it is to be able to draw closer to both of them through this Gospel that unites us. The peace and joy the gospel brings is immeasurable- and when it comes down to it, EVERYTHING we do is focused on uniting people and families together in Christ, thus helping them to reach exaltation- which is the point behind everything we do, and it is "His Work" and "His Glory."

I will let y'all know how everything goes. I love y'all so much!

Bonne Semaine, Je vous embrasse,

Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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