Monday, September 28, 2015

L'Hiver s'en vient rapidement

Greetings from the Winter Wonderland of Quebec! Winter is fast approaching and the sweaters and coats are officially out! I love the cold much............................. Haha, my companion is getting pretty anxious as he is hearing all the winter horror stories from everyone around here- luckily he's got a companion from the south who can sympathize with him and who understands perfectly what he is going through. It's so weird to be seeing signs of fall and winter again.

Also, in light of hearing about Alex J breaking his arm in the MTC and since you mentioned it as well- I figured I should tell you now that last year I broke my pinky in the MTC playing basketball too, haha. Just kinda kept that one to myself- literally to myself because it happened the last week I was there, and when I heard that they would possibly keep me there longer if they found out about it and put a brace on it- I didn't say a word. Everyone thought it was pretty funny though- going through in field orientation with a giant black/purple pinky- was a lot of fun. Handshakes were the worst part- If you are gonna break a bone, it might as well be the pinky- but I can't think of a worse time to do that than when you are a missionary literally shaking everyone's hand that you see. In the end, it worked out great :) and now ya know- duct tape goes a long way...

This week was the last week of the transfers- I can't believe how fast everything is going by! We started with a nice tour of old Montreal on p day with the zone leaders, the assistants, and a recent convert here in Lasalle- he took us on the tour as we were celebrating the one year date from the day of his baptism. We went and saw the old port as well- it was nice to say the least. I'll send ya some pics, don't worry. We're planning on hitting up china town in a couple of weeks with another Chinese tour guide :))) Today we are checking out the ST Josephs oratory.

We also got to help with the assembling all of the VIP invitations for the temple open house in a couple of weeks- we spent all saturday morning doing it as they also had cd gifts to assemble as well. Over 2000 of them- it was cool to be a part of it, and I got a sweet souvenir to keep as well.

We also saw the blood moon last night...which was pretty sweet.

We had a lesson this week with our progressing investigator who has a baptismal date, Sylvain. In the lesson we reached a point where he was feeling discouraged because of issues that he struggles with and his friend was there as well- as we talked about the plan of salvation they basically contented themselves by saying that there is no way they will reach the celestial kingdom, so they are just gonna keep doing what they are doing- We felt impressed to basically tell them that everything that we teach, everything that we do as missionaries and in the gospel is focused on helping people reach the celestial kingdom- we don't shoot for anything lower. After that, the tone of everything changed- it was a great experience and we are excited to be working with him. That also got me thinking a lot though, especially considering the recent passing of Louise which is still something that is always on my mind- everything in the Gospel is geared to helping every single one of God's children reach their full potential- The Plan of Salvation is our road map to exaltation which the Gospel gives us the directions that we need to take in order to get there- and ultimately provides the means by which we are able to achieve all that the Father has for us to receive. It's so beautiful to see how the Lord has an order to all things. We didn't end up on this earth just by magic, God didn't create the world just by magic- there is a law and an order to all things which governs all things- the more we learn about it and the more we come to know our Father in Heaven, the more we realize it- and for me personally, it has helped me see the beauty in all of it. Nobody is pre destined to receive less than all the Father has for his children. That is our divine potential as His sons and daughters- and that is what we are here, to help other people achieve and realize- the greatest part is that not only has He provided a plan for us, but he also allows us to contribute to that plan as well, through the unifying of Families. That is the whole purpose behind every single thing that we do in the Church. I feel very privileged to be here right now and to help others come to know of this truth and to help them along that very same process as well- as I am doing the same for myself. I love this Gospel and the peace that it brings and I am STOKED for General Conference this weekend! Y'all better be pumped as well!

Also... RISE UP and GO DAWGS this weekend! Glad to see Georgia football is off to another great start this year- just gotta keep it goin!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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