Monday, August 31, 2015

Ville Lasalle

Quoi du Neuf Ya'll?

The time just continues to pass by so quickly, I can't believe we are already heading into September. Thanks for the Sr Sol trip and pictures. Also, shout out to Alex J heading into the MTC this week! So stoked for him! Our week has been busy as always as we have been picking things up in better knowing the area and the people in it. We have a lot of less actives that we are working with and we are meeting a lot of new people as well- we definitely are keeping busy and trying to get the members involved as well.

We are feeling a good trust building with the members already- the missionaries gave talks yesterday in Sacrament so that helped a lot- kinda set the tone for our time here. We are here to work. The members here definitely are taking care of us and have gone a long way into making us feel welcome and supported. I love the young men here- one of them is on his apprenticeship to become a barber so he is hittin us up with some free cuts- this guy's the real deal. The members here are just great- and we actually have two families that we are teaching in French- one from Africa, as they are recent converts in the process of learning english. I am happy about that one. The other is a little Croatian boy named Roland who was baptized this January- he speaks better French. His little brother Tino, is right now in remission for brain cancer- their family has quite the story. The mother is a single mom and I already love that family and those two little boys. In our ward, there is also the indian reserves right off the island- we went there twice this week. It's so cool- it's like entering into a different world as the place is protected by the government and is full of history and culture. There are some members here that are of the Mohawk decent- lotta pride in that people. It reminds me of Brother Roy out in Lemoyne who passed away a few months ago- he was also a Mohawk and would always tell us these crazy stories. Love that man.

Patience has definitely been one of those things that I have been learning a lot more about lately- it's funny how the Lord answers our prayers in a lot of different ways. You pray to get more patience, and ya get flushed into a new area...that'll do it for ya. I am loving the time and the experience here- granted it has been trying at times, but we can never really grow in life if we aren't stretched. We don't grow if we are in a comfort zone and if we aren't stretching ourselves to new limits- it's a true principle that applies to a lot of different things in life. The Refiner's Fire is a great concept that can apply to this as well. We shared that mormon message earlier this week with a lady from Trinidad who loves cooking for the missionaries- the spirit was so strong as we talked about it and applied it to our lives as she just recently had a sister pass away. The experiences that are given to us help shape us and refine us- we just have to have the faith which gives us hope- a hope for things to come- which leads to action, which in the end, defines what hope is- it's not a noun, but rather a verb.

Thanks for the love and support! Y'all are the best! Bonne Semaine a Tous!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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