Monday, August 24, 2015

Sur L'ile

Allo a tous!

It has been an absolutely hectic week ever since transfers started this past week. It started with a bunch of goodbyes out to everyone in Sherbrooke- I hate goodbyes. But I love the people of Sherbrooke and will always hold them in a special place in my heart. So many great experiences there with so many great people. Definitely will being going back there at some point to visit! They made me I kinda have to. I also had some people ask to have some of my ties actually haha it was kinda funny to have people ask a missionary for ties, usually it would be the other way around. I guess I just know how to pick up some good thrift store ties...

Right after I met my new son, Elder Pinkham from Tennessee (nice to have a fellow southerner), we got to know the Montreal metro system right away. Out here in Lasalle we have no car- so we've had to get used to the buses and metros- already we are beginning to master it. Plus, we get to meet and talk to a bunch of different people on the public transportation that we otherwise would not meet- already, we have had some good experiences. So our ward is actually english- the Ville Marie ward is the French ward that meets in the same building and that's the ward that President Patrick goes to so we actually got to say hey to sister Patrick yesterday. We are currently teaching in english- which is so weird after spending a year in French- but we end up talking to everyone in French as we go about the daily activities- I realize more and more how I am becoming bilingual- it's pretty exciting to be able to speak another language fluently. There are also quite a few croatians that live in our area and we are authorized to learn that language as well- so ya never know, could try to learn some croatian as well...

I love the diversity here- in Sherbrooke it is diverse, but it just gets more and more diverse the closer you get to the island of Montreal itself- it's similar to my first area.

It's definitely giving me flashbacks of my first area- flush training and reopening the area- only this time I am on the other end of it. It has been a lot of work with a lot of things that we have had to get done- we are still working on getting to know all the members here and the leadership- as well as the people we will be working with. Things are moving forward which is good, and we are already getting some good inside connections with people within the city. Our first night here we met this Vietnamese dude named Cedric who has been hookin us up with everything we need and everyone we need to know in the city. We also have somebody offering us a tour of downtown montreal on one of our P days. We are feeling pretty good about this area and excited to get things moving again here. There are also sisters in the ward which will definitely be a great help! I apologize for the brief email, but we have been really busy with things we need to get taken care of this p day.

Y'all take care and have a great week! Je vous aime tous!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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