Monday, August 10, 2015

L'été S'en Va..


Thanks again for all the pics! They were very much appreciated! It's so weird seeing everybody and not being there haha. Now that the festivities are finally over, maybe y'all will get a chance to take a deep breath right before you get back into it with school! :))))) funnnnn stuffff, Ryan that is a beautiful back to school face by the way. And you need to stop growing... I hope the recuperation doesn't take too long- and send me some of those leftover goodies if there are any- I can't believe y'all made THAT much.

This week for us has been a weird one- it's been one of those weeks where everything you plan on doing just doesn't work out and you end up doing something completely different than what was intended. That stuff happens a lot- but this week was full of it. Two individuals with Baptismal dates are having a bit of trouble right now so we are trying to work around all of that. We also set somebody else up with a date this week- Kevin- he is 15 yrs old and a son of a less active that has just started coming back to church recently. They are from Cote D'Ivoire and such a great little family- he's got a lot of Faith in Christ already and we are looking forward to getting him integrated into the YM program- which is pretty easy when you are already one of the counselors- It was already a huge miracle that we finally started teaching him- we have been trying to get things going with him for a while now, but just recently his interest has started peaking some more. It's great to see. He's got a date set for the end of October.

Apart from that, we also had a Zone Training Meeting- a lot of good things discussed with an overall theme of "Coming Unto Christ"- I realize that I have been in this Zone for my entire mission- I have seen it change over the course of time and there is only one other Elder that has been in there as long as me- it's weird to see and think about all the changes that have happened in this past year. I have been very grateful for the time that I have had in this Zone and in this Stake so far- The people of Longeueil hold a very special place in my heart.

We also took some time last p day to drive down to one of the other townships- Coaticook- in our area and walk the path that they have that leads up to one of the biggest suspension bridges in the world that goes over the Coaticook gorge. It was a lot of fun. Don't worry we got plenty of pictures.... we also got some ice cream which Coaticook is famous for around here. They have this thing called Foresta Lumina that they do in Coaticook every year which is basically more or less a walk through an "enchanted forest". They have all this folklore tied to the area and it's pretty impressive to see all the effort they put into it. Sadly, we didn't get to walk it because they only do it at night, but seeing all the set ups and everything was pretty cool. Definitely will have to check it out next time I am up here. We also just got back from another place called Fitch Bay in another township called Stanstead- that's why we are emailing a little late today. They have this area of lavender fields and they process the lavender to make a bunch of different products. It was pretty cool to see even though sadly a lot of the lavender is not in full bloom right now.

I've also thought a little bit about the Christianity quote that I send a few weeks back. In relation to the Sacrament and gaining a sense of the sacred- these need to be things that we make a part of our every day lives. Otherwise, we lose them- and discipleship never is and never will be a part time responsibility. The terms are set for us- the vision is given to us- we can't change the standards to fit to our likings- we have to shape our lives with them. That, in the end, it what brings us the most happiness. And If we don't have that sense of the sacred- we will not see the importance nor appreciate what the Lord has given us. I just wanna share this quote from Elder Christofferson: Sadly, much of modern Christianity does not acknowledge that God makes any real demands on those who believe in Him, seeing Him rather as a butler “who meets their needs when summoned” or a therapist whose role is to help people “feel good about themselves.”It is a religious outlook that “makes no pretense at changing lives.” “By contrast,” as one author declares, “the God portrayed in both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures asks, not just for commitment, but for our very lives. The God of the Bible traffics in life and death, not niceness, and calls for sacrificial love, not benign whatever-ism.

Thanks for all the love and support! Have a génial week y'all!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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