Monday, July 6, 2015

Quel Juillet

Bonjour à tous encore une fois au début d'une autre merveillleuse semaine!


I am right with you on how fast the time is going by- I really can't believe it is already July, and I am reaching the year mark. The time goes by crazy fast...too dang fast. I'm glad to see the fourth of July celebrations were well enjoyed without anybody catching anything on fire or sustaining any injuries. As for the women's world cup... we aren't always right there in Montréal to really see all the happenings. Thanks for the packages even though I haven't gotten them quite yet, and I hope that everything continues to go well for the Taylors! Also, dad's grandfather's that is really creepy how much he resembles us, but he's family so I guess that would make sense...Kaitlyn and Alex, I am enjoying the choice of decorations for the apartment...keep up the good work.

As for our week, it's been busy as always which is nice to be able to say. I went on an exchange with another Elder last week who has been out just a few months more than I have- it is weird to see how much the conversations we have are more focused on what is going on here now- stories change from "back at home" to "back in my first area"- it's kinda crazy to see how much you get caught up in the work and even crazier to think that we are reaching the halfway point. There is still so much more I gotta do! The time is going too fast!

We also had a great zone training meeting this past friday as well- President Patrick is a great man, that's about all I gotta say about that one. We also had a training very focused on Christ and developing Christlike attributes- I talked a little bit about Jesus The Christ as well. Seriously, I love that book. I lanced out an invitation for everyone to read that thing, and I'm already getting missionaries contacting me and telling me where they are in the reading. That book continues to change and augment my perspective and understanding and relationship with Christ. Everyone needs to read it- especially as a missionary. Hands down.

We also had transfer calls this weekend- we pretty much knew we were staying the same seeing as though the training program goes for two transfers- but I did have a lot of members tell me how happy they were that I was staying- it's nice feel loved every now and then, even though I keep telling them how they are gonna be stuck with me for a long time. The big news is that Sister Leon is leaving and we are getting TWO new sisters here. Yes, so there will now be a trio of three sisters here in Sherbrooke as well...definitely gonna add another element to the ever changing dynamics of Sherbrooke. We're excited for a new transfer, needless to say.

Louise is still hanging in there as well. She has had some ups and downs this week- overall, she is digressing, but it has already been such a great blessing that she continues to be with us today. She never stops to strengthen everyone here with her amazing faith. She did reach a point this week where she was asking to see us as soon as possible- we were kinda expecting the worst and we got there and saw that she was hysterical because she is becoming paralyzed and the doctors are telling her she will never walk again. Everyone has gotten to a point where they expect me to be able to do something to help her and calm her down because of how close I am to her- I got in there and had no idea what to say, but I just started talking to her and words starting coming. It reached a point where she straight up asked me if I thought she was going to make it... goodness, that question absolutely pierced me. We are continuing to see her as often as we possibly can, the members are doing a great job here with all the support and love as well.

A quote also came up in a conversation I had with President Patrick the other week that I would like to share "It's not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried."- CK Chesteron Christ set the vision, set the standard for us in Matthew 5:48- Be ye Perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect. We know the vision, we know the goal, and we know the means by which we may attain it. It's a lifelong pursuit- one filled with victories and losses, but it all comes back to the development of Christlike attributes or "become a Saint". The process of becoming Christlike is what will bring us to our Heavenly Goal and within the means of attaining that which is within our divine potential. And we simply cannot become Christlike if we do not do everything that we possibly can to learn more about his life and to strengthen our relationship with him. He is there, we just have to truly seek Him.

Je vous aime, j'adore mon Sauveur Jésus Christ et cette incroyable occasion que j'ai d'etre missionnaire. Ya`ll are the best! Take care and have a chouette week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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