Monday, July 27, 2015

Calin, quel marriage

Bonjour à tous!

I guess I should start off by congratulating the newlyweds! Thanks for all the pictures! It looks like everyone had a great time-especially Codyonastick. Mom, ya went a little crazy on the selfies...especially with that new selfie stick of yours... but I guess I shouldn't expect anything different knowing you with a camera in your hand. Also, Kaitlyn and Alex, I hope y'all enjoy your time in Paris- hey Kaitlyn, peut etre tu vas pouvoir pratiquer un peu de ton francais! How cute ;) It's good to hear that y'all enjoyed the video as well! I spent some precious p- day time putting that together so y'all better have cherished it! I am glad that y'all have been enjoying your time out there! Profitez-en!

As for our week, It's been a busy week with the people that we are teaching (nothing new there) but we also got another person set up with a baptismal date at the end of August! I'll talk more about that later. We also have been getting preparations done for the fireside at the end of this week- we have been officially designated as escorts for the president and their family over the weekend while they are here in Sherbrooke so that'll be fun haha. I have also been moved to 1st councilor in the Young Men's as Martin left for his mission. We have been continuing on trying to work on strengthening them as well- I am very grateful for all the experiences I had as a young man that have really helped prepare me for a lot of things I have met on my mission- especially this calling that I have had over this past little bit to serve in the young men's. I am continually grateful for all the great leaders that I had who really taught me a lot- I can't even begin to explain the impact that all of that had on me, but it continues to drive me today.

Louise is still hanging on in the hospital- things have taken another very sad turn over the past couple of weeks as the doses of medication she is receiving have started to have some very serious effects on her and the way she interacts with people. It's extremely sad to see- and quite honestly it just tears at my heart seeing all this happen. All the same, we are continuing to work hard while moving forward and giving her the support that she needs- especially to her mother. We have had quite a few interesting situations happen in Sherbrooke as of late- some which I can't really talk about, but seriously, the Lord is there to strengthen us if we turn to him. That I am 100% sure of- I have felt His power and His help through all that we are doing. We need to continually seek that through everything we are doing in life. Especially for missionaries, there are a lot of ways in which we are seeking to help people, but sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. I have seen that impact that has had on some missionaries- it's not a good state to be in. Always look to the Lord, strengthen your relationship with him and he will in turn strengthen you to a point where you will be able to help those you are working with in conforming those aspects of their lives to the gospel. It's something we need to know how to do as missionaries, and it's something we need to know how to do as human beings. There`s a lot behind Alma's counsel in "look to God and live.

Also this week, we had an investigator that we dropped about a month ago, Valli, get ahold of us again in asking to meet with us. He is from India, he has quite a story especially with how he met the missionaries in Switzerland before he came here. I may have told y'all a little about him- but he was such a miracle when we got his media referral back in May, but some things started happening with him and his life and he started losing a lot of the fire that he originally had. It`s such a long story which so many different key parts to it- but basically, we went back and he just explained about how he felt as if everything that has been happening to him over the course of this past month has been God trying to talk to him. It was so incredible to see how the spirit has worked through him, through us, and through other people over this past month. The timing with everything was perfect and the spirit was soooooooo absolutely palpable as we sat there talking to him about it all. We read Galatians 5:22 explaining the feelings of the Spirit and when we read that- we just sat there holding onto the scriptures for the entire time as we could just see the light that hit him- you could see it in his eyes. Truly, the Spirit had touched his heart and hit down to his soul- just absolutely incredible. He explained how that was exactly what he felt over the past little bit. We felt it so strong as we committed him to be baptized on the 29 August and he agreed! I have never felt the spirit so strongly on my mission as I did in that very moment, in that very lesson. We need to learn the recognize the presence of the Spirit in our lives- there is no other way to progress and grow in knowledge and testimony and conversion. "When was your last spiritual experience?" Needs to become the question we are asking ourselves on a consistent basis. Seek the Lord. Seek the presence and guidance of the Holy Ghost- that brings us to where we need to be in life.

Have a bien beau week y'all!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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