Monday, July 13, 2015

Bonne Vacance!

Salut à tous!

First off, I don't know whether to be happy that y'all are keeping a picture of me everywhere you go or kinda creeped out...the hashtag (I can't find the hashtag symbol on this french keyboard) codyonastick is pretty creative though- I'll have to give ya props for that Loyd...keep up the pics, I gotta get famous. I'm glad the flight went well (definitely beats driving out there) and It seems like y'all are havin fun out there! Enjoy lots of seafood for me!

Our week here has been another great one! We have been pretty busy continuing to work with the members here in reaching out to less actives through a program called the 5,5,5. We have also got two baptismal dates set up within the next few months- Beatriz has got hers set again this time to the 5 September and Pierre has his for the 22 August. We are definitely super excited to be here working with them and helping them to prepare for those dates. Two people with very different and specific needs, yet the solution is the same as all the answers to their needs are responded to through what the Gospel is bringing into their lives. It's been incredible to see people progress here- it really is such a blessing to see how application of gospel principles changes lives and perspectives.

We also had someone join us this weekend out on a "mini- mission". Martin Bergeron, he is from the ward here and he leaves out for Colorado this Wednesday. He has been out with out quite a bit lately, but that experience was great for him to really get a taste of the mission life. He is an awesome dude, and he is gonna do great out there! He's excited to start speaking English as well, haha. If anybody ever sees him out there they have to give him a shout out! He also gave his farewell yesterday- I was having flashbacks to about a year ago when I was doing the same. Dang, where does the time go?

Louise has been moved to a Palliative care unit in another one of the university hospitals her- it's a looooottt better care for here, but her health is still decreasing. We all are continuing to stay by her side and support her and her mom through all of this. I have seen so many miracles come from all of it- one of the biggest being the way that her mom has completely opened up to the church. At first, she would avoid the missionaries; but now, she is asking for blessings, reading in the Book of Mormon, and talking about baptism- she definitely has found a lot of comfort in seeing the support that the members have for her and in doing things that bring her closer to the spirit in her life. It's just incredible. Really, the Gospel is the only thing in life that can respond to those questions of the soul- those questions that everyone has as some point in their life- those piercing questions. It provides the long lasting answers and the long lasting fullness of peace and happiness. That is definitely something I see more and more with people here as I am serving.

I am feeling really good! Super excited to see what the rest of this month brings! I also just can't believe how much is changing this summer and how many people are leaving for their own missions- it`s exciting! The blessings are just all around us- you just have to be able to recognize them and see them. Things continue to move forward and I just love being around new missionaries. Seriously, there is just such an excitement and an eagerness that comes with them. I have been really grateful to be able train new missionaries- it's such a time of growth and development- for the both of you- and you are able to see a lot of changes. The first part will impact the rest of everything that you do throughout your mission: get in there, have a great attitude, and get to work. And you really just gotta trust that the Lord will do the rest. The Lord will guide us throughout our lives if we stay close to him and seek him constantly.

Also, just a last little note... HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JE T'AIME!! Thank you for all the love, the constant support, and all the packages that you send to me. You are the best! Have a great week and enjoy the time out on the west coast!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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