Monday, June 1, 2015

Il vient de....Oregon

First off, It goes without sayin: merci infiniment for the birthday wishes! I am definitely feelin those 19 years right now wearin on the joints and but really it has been great to have all the love and support from y'all! It definitely does a lot for me! I don't feel as young as I did before I left for the mission. I also had quite a few different members and people that we work with call and sing to me- some attempted to do it in english which was enjoyable. I had a great day.

Also with Tristan, my goodness... It seems like experiences like that just keep happening and happening while I am gone. I am very grateful that my brother made it out alright- angels definitely are all around us, and I will keep the family's of the sister missionaries in my prayers as well.

Those body bumper balls look AMAZING! Haha Alex, you definitely look like a blueberry.

As for my new greenie: Elder Sorensen. He's from Oregon! Ashland, to be exact. I thought it was pretty cool when I found out- I definitely figured y'all would be excited about that one as well. He's a genius and likes to run a TON- kinda reminds me of Grandma Thornton- all these people from Oregon running all the time.

I forgot to mention last week that we got "saved" by Preacher Dave. This guy who is famous around here for walking around and praying with people. We were in the car about to take a turn and he asked if we were Mormons or Jehovah's witnesses- he put his hand in the car and told us to put ours on it and he said this prayer that was one of the most interesting ones I have heard thus far- right next to the prayers of William Jean Paul. It was hilarious, and just a fun experience. Afterwards he said we just got saved- there may be some doctrine missing there, but the guy has good intentions nonetheless.

I also got to eat some semi-fresh shrimp the other day. The smell of the seafood makes me think of good ol Georgia. Man, I ate a ton of that shrimp- though it looks like y'all took the liberty of enjoying some fresh shrimp without me as well. We also went out late saturday evening to help out with a last minute move- a haitian couple :D It was absolutely pouring and there was soooooooo much stuff haha. It was a classic Haitian move- I love those people. The wife is a member, but the husband isn't. We are looking forward to working with them soon! They also have already offered to feed us! Man, Haitians....I love em. You just can't NOT love them- especially these two- we've already established a good relationship with them and we are looking forward to getting the members involved as well. We also met a girl from Russia earlier this week, Arina, - she was baptized last year and has been looking for the church here. It was a huge miracle.

We had a great stake conference yesterday as well. I seriously Love the stake president here- that Belge... President Patrick constantly reminds us on how the church here does rely on it's missionaries a lot to be leaders- the church in Quebec is relatively new- the missionaries first came in when President Monson was the mission president. It provides it's challenges, but it definitely is amazing to see the church in a different growing phase here and to help be a part of it. The people here are amazing- The Lord definitely has some great things in store for the people of Québec.

Thanks for all y'all do! Keep up the hard work and have a great week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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