Monday, April 20, 2015

Une Semaine Débordée

Well, I hope y'all have been enjoying the rain all week :) It's been, for the most part, a week of sunshine over here:)- my how the tables have turned...though it still is just a liiiiiiiittttlllee chilly here. And some of the giant piles of snow have yet to finish melting haha. It's great to hear that ATL got the #1 seed in the east! Man, I can't believe I am missing the NBA playoffs now too. The strawberries look lovely as well- everything is still dead over here in Canada. And it's so great to see that Teresa is doing much better!!!

This week we had a transfer change: Sister Tehaamatai. That is our new sister's name. Good luck trying to pronounce it. She is from Tahiti- she speaks really good english, french, spanish, and tahitiain. We are super excited to have her here in the Ward- the members have already fallen in love with her.

We have been super busy this past week as our ward mission leader has been out in Ottawa for work and the sisters just got off of a transfer change, so we spent a good bit of time preparing for the baptism this weekend and making sure that everything fell into place. Everything worked out great and it was an amazing experience for Louise which is really what matters. We did the baptism with Elder Blackwelder in the font as well as he was there to help support her- she ended up bending forward instead of backward due to her back. It was just an awesome experience to be apart of it and to be able to interview her as well on Thursday- it took almost 2 hours haha. We just had a great conversation and it is so great to see the Faith of those who have been prepared by the Lord. She is an amazing woman with quite a story- especially in her battle for cancer, it really is inspiring. John and the Bishop expressed that they were very impressed with the way we have been working here in Sherbrooke recently. It definitely feels good knowing that we are making a good impact here. We also got to visit Carole's son, Maxime, in the hospital. He and his wife just had their first baby- it meant a lot to him for us to be there and visit. We have helped them out with a lot of things recently and he just considers us really close friends. It was just a good experience and he knows the church is always there to help him out.

In my conversation with Louise we talked about how we can never really change "Who" we are, but we can change "what" we are. It is incredible to see how the Atonement facilitates a change in those who are willing to submit themselves to the Lord. It is the only surrender which is also a victory, and it allows to us change those very aspects of what we may be. We can never change our personalities- but we are able to become better and change what defines us through the Gospel and Atonement of Christ. Being able to help being make those changes has been such a blessing, and I can feel it strengthening me as well.

I hope y'all have a lovely week! Keep working hard!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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