Monday, April 13, 2015

En Avril, ne Vous découvrez pas d'un fil

The sun is out, the snow is melting- what a lovely day it is here up here in Canada. FINALLY, things are starting to really warm up. However, the mornings are still freeeeezing for the most part and we did have some cold days mixed with some snow last week- hence the saying in the title that the people say around here. But we are happy to be wearing only one layer of clothing again for today. I am also really beginning to understand the term "spring cleaning"- everyone is outside cleaning their yards from all the salt and gravel and taking down everything that protected against the snow for the winter. There are even giant trucks that go around with huge sweepers and water guns for cleaning off the sidewalks as well- only in Canada.

The Cabane à Sucre was a lot of fun last week. We ended up going with the Bishop and his family, a couple other families in the ward, and Valli, one of the sisters' investigators who is from India but here working on internship. I got quite a few pictures- don't worry. And we ended up having a huge snowball fight at the end- it got pretty intense to say the least. I even saw the bishop get straight up tackled by his wife into the snow- not a lot of people can say that haha. It was a ton of fun, and we ended up getting invited to another Cabane à Sucre activity at a recent convert`s house during the week as well. Her name is Josée, and her family puts a huge activity on every year- we got to taste and watch sooooooooooo many maple syrup products being made. The people here are proud of their Maple. It usually is a family activity so basically were treated as VIPs haha, and it was a really great experience just to meet her family who are all not members and just talk to them about the church a little bit and what we do as missionaries. We didn't leave empty handed either- so needless to say, we will dining on all things Maple for quite some time.

Along with that, there has been soooooooo much hype and excitement here for the two new temples being built in Cote d'Ivoire and Haiti- I know some Haitian people that literally jumped up and screamed when it was announced. Such an exciting time for these people- the blessings of the gospel are continuing to spread.

We are also preparing for a baptism this weekend- Louise. It's going to be an interesting one seeing as though we are going to have to accommodate to her medical needs. I will be interviewing her on Friday and she wants me to Baptize on Saturday. It's super exciting! We just got a lot of work to do this week to make sure everything goes well and as planned- to say the least. Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for us haha.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson's talk has continued to stand out to me this past week following conference. "Nobody is Predestined to inherit less than all The Father has" is a phrase that has continually rang through my head this past week, and I have been sharing it with a lot of people. We all are imperfect and in need of the same things to qualify for our salvation- we all are in need of the same Infinite Atonement. Sometimes, especially as missionaries, we label people for various reasons saying that they could never change or reach a certain point. It all goes back to the idea of Mindset: and having a mindset that doesn't place a cap on a person's potential- that could even be our own. Placing confidence in the Lord is something that I have really learned so far on my mission- yet, I still find myself forgetting what comes first all the time. I think it is something that takes a lifetime to master, and we are all in the process of perfecting it. We are all going to fall short- but it's in understanding that, where we are able to acknowledge our weaknesses and let the Lord work through us in our lives. 2 Néphi 4: 17- to the end is a great example of that.

Bonne Semaine à tous! Je vous aime! Prenez soin de vous autres!

-Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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