Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paques s'en vient

Well Mama, I will say that is one thing I don't miss- all the pollen that comes along with spring down there. Things are finally starting to warm up here- we are starting to see above freezing a little more often now! Of course, while I am writing this I am looking out the window and it is snowing...again. Cmon now, it's March 30th. Speaking of which, Bonne Anniversaire à Kaitlyn!!!! Je vais t'écrire un autre courriel...

I am glad to hear that I will be receiving another package as well :))))) I just hope there`s less Ramen in this one... ;) Also the Flores family comes from Chilé.

This week we have really been trying to focus on changing the mindset here, one person at a time. The ward here is already on fire, but we are still trying to get people more and more pumped about doing missionary work. Some people catch on quicker than others. The "Parcquilvit" has been a great thing to go around introducing to people and members as well- the video really is just powerful. If y'all haven't seen it yet, watch it. Because He Lives.

The Flores family is awesome- they have definitely been prepared for a long time by the Lord- I just love spending time with them. They are already such a blessed family- the blessings that the Gospel brings really could just amplify that 1000 fold.

I also got to repair the guitar of an older, less active lady in the Ward as well. She also has quite an incredible story as far as how she has started coming back to church- she is just awesome. Anyway, she broke some strings on an old guitar and when I told her I could fix them she absolutely freaked out haha. I fixed it, and may have played it for a little bit as well...man I miss guitar.

Our district also picked up a grand total of 11 new investigators this week (8 of which come from an African family)- so needless to say we have been pretty busy here in Sherbrooke. Beatriz is looking good for her Baptismal date the 9th May- super excited for that. I am really looking forward to General Conference this weekend as well- especially since it falls on Easter this year. It's just such a great time to feel so united with everyone all over the world as we receive our own enlightenment and inspiration. Dang, I'm pumped!

So there is a quote from Brigham Young in Preach my Gospel: "There is neither man or woman in this Church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to promote righteousness, to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life".

That quote says it all. In talking about "mindset"- this is the MINDSET that everyone needs to have. Missionaries and church members are not separate- there are not separate spheres just like family history work is no more or less a part of the work of salvation than two missionaries outside tracting. There are no divisions in the work. We are all on our own mission and Brigham Young explains exactly what it is in that quote. Regardless of whether or not we are able or obligated to serve two years of full time missionary service- a mission neither starts nor ends there. "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"

I love y'all! Thank ya for everything y'all do for me continually, I look forward to watching conference with y'all this weekend! Prenez soin de vous!

-Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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