Monday, March 9, 2015

My Greenie

Elder Blackwelder- that's my new companion's name. He's from Ohio- obviously I had to tell him about my brother, Daeshaun. He's pretty cool, he is 19 and spent a semester at BYU Hawaii. He is getting accustomed bit by bit to being in the mission field. Seriously, it seems like it was just the other day that I was in his position- I can sympathize with him on a lot of things. But he is totally ready, and we are gonna do work here over these next few months!

Sounds and looks like y'all had a good weekend up in the mountains for Seth's baptism. Since I couldn't be there I guess having a missionary that looked a lot and acted a lot like me is the next best thing. Also, It's good to hear that dad is continuing to improve as well!

Before we had the trainer`s meeting in Montréal, I also got to see my favorite little Asian- Elder Li. It felt kinda weird saying goodbye to Elder Read (brother Read now) seeing as though he is done with his mission and now I am with somebody just starting. The Phoenix... By the way Elder Read gave me his old camera so as of right now, I have a way to take more pictures- you can breathe a little easier now, Mother.

Saturday night we got the chance to go to a fireside in Longueuil that was specifically for less actives, recent converts, and investigators. Elder Katcher from the 70 was there along with Presient Patrick and our Stake President. Beatriz was there, and she actually got called up to the front at one point to explain how she met the missionaries and why she wanted to get baptized. Her response was really simple but profound at the same time- after she had said it President Patrick started crying- she's definitely doing something right. We couldn't help but feel proud of her knowing that we are the missionaries who have been given the opportunity to teach her. She is awesome, and moving quickly towards her baptism.

The work in this ward is seriously on fire- we have two other people that are working towards baptism as well and the ward is also making a serious effort to help us with less actives. I wish I could explain it all- but basically, we are gettin work done here in Sherbrooke. We have been for a while, and it just continues and continues to pick up.

Something I really love in Preach my Gospel: "As your understanding of the Atonement increases, your desire to share the Gospel will also increase." It's just like with Lehi as well, the more we experience the fruits of the Atonement, the more our desire to share that with others will grow. My understanding has grown more these past 7 months than it ever has before. The great thing is that we really never stop learning about and understanding more about the Atonement in our lives- it something that continues as we grow and progress. As we continue to deepen that understanding, deepen our own conversion- the more conviction we have, and the more we see the need for that in the lives of those around us. Elder Holland has an awesome talk about Missionary Work and the Atonement that he gave in the MTC over 10 years ago. Someone gave me a copy of it, mom I'll save it just for you when I get home since I know how much you praise Elder Holland.

Anyway, it was a busy, but great week! I hope y'all are staying warm down there- it's dumping down more snow over here. Have a great week! I love y'all!

-Elder Cody Warren Ritz

Cody with his new companion and President Patrick and his wife.


Cody with Elder Li

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