Monday, March 2, 2015


It's lovely to hear from y'all again as usual- tell Ryan that snow really isn't all that great, so he shouldn't be too bummed out, haha. Seriously, I can't imagine a world without snow right now, and people are saying this really doesn't end until May... The people up here are on Spring Break right now but they actually call it "March Break"- can you guess why? And yeah the Dysons are right, we've heard that this is the coldest winter Quebec has had in over 20 years- what a great year to spend your first winter here!......................................................................................................

The carnival has also been going on around here pretty much all week- people go crazy for it here, and it's all in the snow- I don't understand. They did have some dog sleds though which was pretty cool to see.

I'm glad to hear that Stake Conference went well! And it's nice to see mine and Alex's names at the top of the list representin ATHII! We'll soon be joined by a couple others as well. This week we had a great Zone Conference- I love our Stake President here, President Pirlet. He's a Belgian who is just on fire right now, and when him and President Patrick get together it is just something to behold. They both have such a huge focus on hastening the work, understandably because President Patrick is basically the Poster Boy for Hastening the Work on the website, but it really is just so inspiring. Not only are we in the biggest geographical mission, but I also found out that our stake here is the biggest geographical stake in the world as well. It stretches all the way up to the North Pole practically, covering a bunch of little towns and inuit villages in between. Missionaries really don`t go that far up North though anymore. The distance between the two furtest branches in the stake is about 9 hours though. There was one point during the conference too when President Patrick just hit us with a question- literally it was just like an explosion of the Spirit, it felt like getting punched in the gut by the Spirit. I don't know how else to describe it, but it was a great meeting and I'm looking forward to building off of that in improving our work here.

We also had a pretty incredible lesson with one of our Investigators, Frederique, who is really trying to make some changes in his life- do things over the right way for the right reasons. He is just such an inspiration to talk to and it just feels like we are going over to a friends house over there every time we go. He is awesome, and he has got a pretty dang good taste in music...

So we also got our transfer calls this weekend....John, our ward mission leader, had some special fish packed in with dry ice and specially shipped over here from Nova Scotia for the occasion. He made his Atlantic Fish Chowder- not too bad. Seriously, John Dillman....he is just awesome. So, we also found out that Elder Read is leaving- to no surprise seeing as though I am killing him this Wednesday. Annnnnnddd that I will be staying and training a greenie as the new district leader here. I am so excited to finally have my own son out here on the mission! We're gonna get work done here! I don't know who it is though and I won't find out until the day I see him on Wednesday. This will definitely be an interesting and awesome experience, and I am really looking forward to what these next two transfers will bring! I know I will end up staying here at least until the middle of May now- hopefully by then the snow will be gone. I'll let ya know how it all goes next week! Enjoy the warm weather for me!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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