Monday, February 16, 2015

hola? Mama that's Spanish...

(-30, I have become immune to the cold)

Cmon, you could've at least made some effort and put "bonjour" instead. No but really it's great to hear from ya as always- I hope everyone who is sick starts feelin better soon. Looks like Kaitlyn finally had her downfall... That's crazy to hear all the changes that has happened in the ward- it'll definitely be a lot different going back to the ward with a completely new Bishopric! Crazy. Thank ya for the overload of pictures as well- as always. camera. I don't have my camera anymore. I haven't been able to find it this past week and a half- we are 99.9% sure a certain person stole it and sold it, but that doesn't matter. The fact is- I don't have my camera anymore- nor the 500+ photos from the first 6 months of my mission. So, I Will do my best to take as many as I can with my companion's camera until you feel like sending me another. Take deep breaths mom.

On the other hand I am still writing in my missionary Journal a ton- so I guess that counts for somethin.

This week I played hockey for the first time- deck hockey. It's hockey without having to skate, which works for me. It was pretty fun- but I think I'll stick to football. I did end up with a few bruises though- not too shabby. Everyone here is gearing up for Maple season- where literally everyone drains all the sap out of the trees and turns it into syrup. Seriously, the people here take pride in that stuff and for good reason. Really, I will never be able to eat table syrup again... They also have this stuff up here called Spruce Beer- basically the same idea as Root Beer. Literally, taking a sip of that stuff is like taking a sip of a cool, fresh mountain breeze- it's dang good.

For Valentines day here Elder Read and I went to go give blood at a local blood drive for Hema Quebec. You may be getting my card sent to the mail sometime soon...when ya get it, just send it back up here for me if you please- I need to get that "5 time donor" button while I'm up here before the end of my mission!

I also made Biscuits n Gravy for Elder Read this mornin using the mix that y'all sent me...thank ya kindly for that. The sausage here isn't quite the same, but it still tasted like home. The California boy enjoyed it as well.

Our Ward mission leader here just continues to amaze me. This little ward out here is going to explode this next year. The ward mission plan is genius, and we are taking the front and getting this ward pushed into the right direction. There is no place quite like Sherbrooke- any missionary that has served here will tell you the same thing. And if every ward mission leader was like John We are witnessing the work hasten here in such a cool and unique way- the people here are amazing. It's somethin to see. You won't find a place quite like Sherbrooke as a missionary, no matter where you go. However, we have quite a task ahead of us over these next few months- the missionary work here runs the ward, and it's up to us to get everything pushed in the right direction to set the tone for years to come- I'm stoked.

Something I have been hit with this past week is doing things for the right reasons. I love the idea of "Justification" and "Sanctification" and how the Gospel of Christ applies to those two ideas. No matter what it is in life, if we are going to do something, we have to have our "why". That's something that we are constantly trying to focusing on with our investigators and less actives- finding their "why" in relation to the Gospel of Christ and how it applies to their lives. But, if we just do things because we are told to do so- we don't profit from it. There are so many places in the scriptures that talk about it, but in particular, Galatians 2 states it in such a beautiful way. None of us are saved by the Law Alone- whether that be merely by the law of moses or obedience to any commandment we are given- if we aren't motivated to do things because of our faith in Christ or our Love towards him- then we aren't doing things for the right reasons. We aren't changing and we can't change into something that is contrary to our nature- Justification through Faith and Righteousness in Jesus Christ- that is Paul's favorite doctrinal teaching. I love how well he puts things- it really makes us think, and we always need to ask ourselves whether or not we are doing things for the right reasons. Are we doing it because we are told to, because people expect it of us? Or are we doing it because of our Faith and Love towards Christ? That is why Faith is the first Principle of the Gospel of Christ and that is where we receive that Justification that comes through Faith in Him and the Power of His Atonement. Just a petite pensee for the week.

Hope y'all have a great week! Hope you can forgive me for losing my camera! Hope y'all stay warm! Give my Love and Salutations to the Ward back home! Tell everyone I appreciate their love and support!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

(my true self)


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