Monday, January 5, 2015

Une Semaine Des Miracles

Well, first off I just wanna start by saying that the lovely weather forecast for today in Beautiful Sherbrooke is -20 C with a -31 C windchill...yeah I hope y'all are stayin warm this winter...

This week for us really has been a week of miracles. It has just stood as a testament to just exactly how the Lord directs every aspect of his work down to the very detail. We have really been focusing on a lot of less actives as of late- each with different challenges and difficulties to overcome. We had quite a few impromptu visits that turned out to be exactly what everyone needed at the right time. It really goes along with the whole concept of "expecting miracles." When you feel the spirit working through you, that is when you feel the most satisfied in the work- no matter what you are doing. on Tuesday we also had a sit down meeting with an older lady in our ward who is going through an extremely tough time right now- her Fiancé was in a terrible car accident last year and she just lost a court battle against his family who cares nothing more about him other than just getting the money out of it. This week I have really been able to see just exactly why I got sent here to Sherbrooke. I have been able to relate with a lot of people my own personal experiences in life- and the things that I have gained from them. I`ve been able to share these things and help people that I would never have had if I had not come out on a mission. Really, our ward mission leader explained it best- you will never have another opportunity in your life like this where people really forget you are just 18. I would never have expected people 2 or 3 times our age coming to us for advice with their trials and difficulties in life. It really is a humbling experience when you realize the extent of our calling as a missionary, and the amount of trust these people have for us- especially when you are speaking a completely different language. The people here as well just have some of the absolute most powerful conversion stories I have ever heard in my life- I am continually amazed.

I got a sweet plate from a member named Carole that we have been working with a lot, as she is trying to quit smoking. She is so fun to talk to and we went and had dinner with her on new years day- I walked in the house and saw a bunch of plates hanging on the wall. Each one representing a different state in the South and when I saw the Georgia and told her I loved it because that`s where I am from- she gave it to me without hesitation. Really, I was touched- I got a Georgia souvenir all the way up here in Canada. Who knew.

The focus has been "receive the word" lately in our Zone. Basically that entails building our own personal conversion in order to better help others along in the process. I absolutely love the phrase "expecting miracles" and I feel that is something we always need to continually ask ourselves. Are we hoping for them or do we expect them? The difference is clearly defined by Faith. All we have to do is look in Mormon 9. We are given a promise that whatever we ask for- it will be given to us. That is dependent on our amount of Faith and the Presence of the Spirit in our lives. If we are living how we should be, we will be in line with the spirit, and we will be aligning our wills with the Lord`s every time we pray- if we are living that way, it`s impossible for us to ask amiss. Then it just comes down to asking for it- and being extremely specific. It`s a promise that is given to us- and the Lord can`t grant those blessings to us if we are too afraid to ask specifically. Obviously, that process is a lot easier said than done. And it is something that continues throughout our lifetime- but it is just something that I have been struck with these past two weeks.

I hope y'all have a great and warm week! I`ll send you some pictures as well!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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