Monday, January 19, 2015


One of the elders being transferred.

I`m staying here in Sherbrooke with Elder Read for another transfer- the last one of his mission which means I get to "kill him." Super stoked for that.

It`s great to hear how everything is going back home- Dad seems to be doing better and better every week and I reallllllllly reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllylyyyyy hope y'all are enjoyin the warm weather.......... because it`s snowin a ton here right now. Also, looks like Ryan`s havin fun mowin the lawn...

This week I was able to go back to Longueuil again for a Zone Training meeting which went really well. I had an amazing interview with our mission president- I love that man. Really, I am just so excited for the work here in our area for the next transfer. We are losing our other two Elders and getting them replaced with Sisters here in Sherbrooke- undoubtedly some of the members are excited for that. We are continuing to get our new Ward Mission Plan underway for this new year which is really focusing on building member missionaries. The Church worldwide is undergoing a major culture change at the moment and the dynamics of missionary work are changing. Right now we are heading out this culture change as leaders and future leaders of the church. We as members now are asked to do more now than ever. There is a powerful promise that Elder Anderson gave to us as a church- that we already know or will know people in our circle of friends or coworkers or whoever they might be, who are already ready for the Gospel. The people that surround us are placed into our lives for a reason.

Lately I have been studying the New Testament as well. I have never really read it in depth before but it is amazing to see all the beautiful doctrines that find themselves within it that are so clear yet so easily misunderstood. It just shows the importance of the Book of Mormon and how we really can gain a greater understanding in the Nature of God and Jesus Christ as well as develop a very real, and tangible personal relationship with the two of them in reading both the Bible and Book of Mormon. It also testifies that this really is the exact same church today that Jesus Christ established when he was on the earth. It is something that my mission has really taught me so far- I really have come to know our Savior more than ever before. No matter how good we are- we are all in need of the Atonement. In teaching and helping others about Jesus Christ and his Gospel, my understanding and relationship with him has grown as well; and I have learned to really put my trust and confidence in him rather than myself.

This past transfer has been great- a little cold at times- but great nonetheless. I could summarize it all up in about two words: patience and miracles. As I have gotten to know the people here, my love for them has just continued to grow and I really am so grateful for this opportunity. I have met some amazing people here so far and I am looking forward to another transfer here full of a lot of change and hard work. Y'all enjoy the sunshine and flip-flop weather down there... I look forward to hearing from y'all next week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

The view from his apartment.

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