Monday, January 26, 2015

Gettin' Work Done in Sherbrooke

Salut! I can't believe how all those changes they are making to the neighborhood- seriously, what else is gonna change while I`m gone? Thanks for all the pictures- you never seem to disappoint in that realm, mother.

This week we have been continuing to make a TON of progress with our less actives in helping them quit smoking and helping them come back to church. We have started the twelve step program from the church with one of the members here who is a friend of Beatrice, who is getting baptized at the end of March. We also have been making a ton of progress with a less active family in helping them come back to church. They are progressing so much- the desire is there, and they really have a vision in mind in returning to the temple. I couldn't be more proud of them- I really love these people. The husband of that family is also deaf, so they are slowly teaching us French sign language too- seriously, I am picking up a ton of languages out here.

We have two new sisters in our district- the greenie is from Georgia- OF ALLLLLLL PLACES! She speaks Spanish which will help a lot out here. It`s nice having someone else who can relate back to the south too. Too many Utah or California missionaries these days...

Right now a huge focus in our ward is service: the members here really need to get involved in the community and that is a big push that we are making right now. The goal is to get the local people here to stop thinking that the church building is a mafia warehouse, haha.

Also, our ward mission leader here just continues to amaze me. John seriously is a superstar. He is actually organizing a run all the way from Palmyra to Salt Lake City the summer that I get off my mission. He is recruiting a lot of people to come out on that- including missionaries when they get off their missions. As fun as that sounds...sadly I will be getting home when the run is about finished. Mom, I don't think you'll be too disappointed to hear that.

The French is continuing to come along really well- I really am getting used to switching in between the two languages out here. It`s not always easy to do- but I really have seen so much progress.

We also had the chance to visit an old Catholic Cathedral this past week- St. Michael. Twas pretty cool to say the least. I`ll send ya some pics.

Something that I have been thinking about lately is the word: Devenir. It means "Become" in French. And in the language, using it in it`s tenses has to do with a change in the state of being. It`s kinda hard to explain so shortly over email but that`s basically what it does: the verb, Etre, "to be" is used when saying "devenir." That is something that I really like in the French language and when teaching the gospel- I really see how this Gospel is all about "becoming." We are constantly in a state of becoming something. What that is, is determined by ourselves. The interesting thing is that the word "become" is used in the Mosiah 3:19 scripture. And we become "THROUGH" the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That`s what this life is about- continually trying to become better, become a "Saint"- a lifelong process which is only possibly through the use of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that is what this Gospel Focuses on- that IS the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It`s so simple, so beautiful, yet it takes a lifetime to work on.

I love y'all and hope y'all have a lovely week! Bonne Semaine!

-Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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