Monday, January 12, 2015

14 degrees? pshhhhhhh toughen up buttercup

It`s so great to hear from all of y'all as usual. Thanks for all the insights and everything. It`s nice to hear how things are going down there, especially in that freezing weather. It`s so weird to think how cold that would have been for me before I came out here. My body definitely is starting to get used to the cold- it isn't considered a cold day until it starts getting below -10 not counting the wind chill which is close to 14 F. I really am starting to understand all those stories from Finland that Dad used to tell me about- we stick our heads out the window and judge how cold it is based on how quickly our noses freeze up- which is a really weird feelin lemme tell ya.

This week I was on an exchange with one of the other Elders in our District- we spent some time out in the freezing cold. It was -24 with a -39 windchill. That kind of cold really just isn`t even fathomable for someone coming from Georgia- until you come up and experience it. Luckily, it has been a slow and easy transition this winter from warm to cold. And I still have all of my fingers and toes, so I count that as a success. Knock on wood. The winter here doesn`t end until May... Really though, the exchange went reaaaallly well and we had some good success finding people even in the cold and contacting old investigators. Those are the kind of stories I'll tell my kids about some day for sure, haha. We also went and helped out at the Salvation Army soup kitchen which was a great experience to meet a lot of people and help out. That is going to turn into a weekly activity. There were also some cute little kids there who were fun to talk to. There were some Africans there as well- so you know I was happy. There was a guy from the same country as Geraldine so he instantly became one of my best friends. Seriously, the Africans and Haitians here are so easy to connect with because of my experiences with a lot of them back in Longueuil. All you have to do is start talking about their food and culture and say a couple words in their Maternal Language and you have the key to their hearts. I just love the people here- I can`t say it enough. We have got two more potential lessons set up with Africans for this next week- I can't wait for those.

Lately I have realized how much more progress I am making on my French as well. I really have no difficulties going around and doing stuff, and I am able to express my thoughts and feelings a lot better than before. There is a lot more to improve, but it is exciting to see so much of the progress that I have made. I really love the language here and I am even starting to pick up and understand some Spanish as well from all the Spanish people, missionaries, and families here. Maybe I will come back trilingual...

This week has been another great week, and we are continuing to search for those people who have been inactive for a long time or the ones that nobody recognizes who are still on the ward list. We have really been trying to clean out our area book as well by just finding a lot of old Former investigators- it`s quite the process, but we have seen so many little miracles that have come from it just by putting ourselves in the right positions to allow the Lord to place people in our paths. It`s been a great week- we have transfer calls this weekend as well so we will see what happens. I really have already had the worst happen to me after getting pulled out of Longueuil right before Geraldine`s baptism- so whatever happens happens. It`s what the Lord wants and ya just gotta accept it and go with the flow. Boy I learned that lesson real quick.

We have zone training this week which means mail as well! Hopefully the package will be there by the time we have it on Thursday- if not, waitin til February. Oh well.

I Love y'all and hope y'all continue to stay warm down there and have a great week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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