Monday, December 15, 2014


Salutations ma famille!

Okay soooo.... for Christmas we will be skyping at our ward mission leader's house in the evening- around 6- give or take. And yes, it is Christmas day. And thank you for the password Kaitlyn...much appreciated. It's good to see the pictures and hear how eveything is going down there as usual- Dad's lookin better and better. Keep eatin that Sr. Sol too...I hope you know I'm expecting a freeze dried Chimichanga in my Christmas package. I'll be getting all my mail and stuff the 22nd when we have our mission christmas party/training. The skype at John's house should be pretty fast too, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing y'all.

Transfer day was interesting... the drive out to Sherbrooke was even more so. I don't think they could have picked a worse day for transfers right in the middle of a winter storm. It suffices to say that I basically felt like we were on an episode of Ice Road Truckers.

So, Sherbrooke...this place is beautiful and the weather has been nice lately too. It has been snowing a TON but it hasn't been too cold like the other week: The coldest it got was -15 last week not including the wind chill...I don't even need to tell you how freezing I was. Andy, I would like to see you wear your shorts in that weather- ya can't get away with wearing winter shorts up here. So until you experience it for yourself, you better quit raggin on my complaints about the cold. Our area here is hugeeee, like it stretches all the way to the US border. We went out to the boonies on Thursday to teach a new investigator- mannnnnnnn it was a gorgeous drive through the mountains. It is about an hour away from our house. My new companion is Elder Read- another California boy (I just can't get away from them). No but really, he is awesome and we get along well. He is actually serving as a counselor in the YM for our ward here right now as well.

This area is a lot different from the South Shore of Montreal. Our ward here is on fire when it comes to missionary work- I am so excited to really get to work here. I have been trying to meet as many people as possible and put faces to names- it's a slow process, but it's comin along. The ward Christmas party on Saturday helped out a ton. The people here are great- all you have to do is speak good French and they love you- sorry Kaitlyn, they wouldn't love you. The ward mission leader is a recent convert/business tycoon. This guy knows what he is doing, and we had a great meeting the other day to set our sights on the missionary work here for the next transfer and for the next year in general. Really, I am so excited. As for our apartment, we live on the top floor of this big ol building- I'll send a picture at some point.

It's hard to believe that Christmas is already almost here. These next few weeks are going to be really busy, as we are driving up to Shawinigan for a Baptism and staying the night there. We also have Zone training and a bunch of Christmas plans, so we'll see how all that goes. This morning I got a call telling me that Geraldine and Reida both had their baptismal interviews and are totally ready for baptism on the 27th- I can't even tell ya how much joy that brings me. It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone in Longueuil, but I am definitely where I am supposed to be. Also, the eye is feelin much better just so ya know. I'll try and send y'all a few pictures as well. I love y'all and hope all the Christmas preparations go well! I'll talk to ya next week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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