Monday, November 10, 2014

Je suis prêt pour l'hiver...j'espère

Booooooonnnnnjjjjjoooouuuuuurrrrrrrr ma famille! Kaitlyn: je pense que tu devrais avoir peur à cause de mon bon français, meme si la grammaire est un peu mal. Je parlerait entièrement en français, mais les autres comprendraient pas...donc,

I enjoyed all the pictures and emails from everyone. Thank y'all so much! Big shout-out goes to Athens II for helping to build the ramp for my dad. Not bad...not bad. Mom, I don't know how you did all that yard work, but I gotta say that I am impressed. I'm sure it pains Dad that he is not able to do all that work at this time of year...because I know how much he loves to spend countless hours outside picking up every last leaf that lies on the ground.

This week has been kind of a weird week to say the least. I think I'm about as ready for winter here as I ever could be. We helped a member set up this thing called a Tempo at our house...everyone has those things here. Basically they are these tents that you put over your driveway so you don't have to shovel all the snow... they are quite elaborate..and quite a pain. But they save a lot of work in the winter. I got most of my winter stuff and now I am just sitting here waiting for the snow after hearing a plentitude of winter horror stories and this thing called "wind burn." Can't wait. Really though, I can even tell ya...this Canadian wind just blows through your body right down to your bones and is absolutely freezing and unbelievably strong.

I digress...

We also had the chance to help out at an old folks home here and sing a bunch of French songs with them. It was a very cool experience and the people were hilarious there. We picked up a new investigator this week form the isle de moise and he likes to talk... A LOT. There really are a lot of challenges that come with that, haha. Geraldine and her family are practically members now... we are just waiting for the father to go to church in nigeria right now. He said he is going this Sunday, so we'll see how that goes! Also, William Jean Paul, the Haitian guy who loves God that I talked about earlier... is amazing. We had a great lesson with him this week- he's got some doctrine kind of mixed up-which we are trying to work on- but there really is nothing better than a hilarious old Haitian guy who loves God. He's a character.

The family from Cameroon is getting a lot of help from the ward right now which is great.

Okay so we had a lesson with someone on Thursday, which ended up being a huge fight with him and his ex girlfriend about who was taking their son for the night. It was kinda weird to be in the middle of it, but it ended up being really good for the guy who was there. Also, Friday night we had a run in with the Cops...we went to a recent convert- Daniel's house to teach him. We saw him get baptized my second week here and we have gotten to know him really well, but apparently some legal stuff which we don't know a whole lot about is going on with him and his wife and custody of their daughter. The cops weren't happy, as we showed up while they were inside the house. It was all just weird to say the least... we'll see how the situation pans out.

That basically sums up our week for the most part. We've had some great lessons with members here as well; they are a great help in the missionary effort. It ain't always easy, but we just gotta open our mouths and share the gospel with everyone. It really is the greatest gift anyone can offer in the entire world, so why not share it? I am continuing to learn the importance of hard work as well. There really is no substitute for it: work hard and you will find the most happiness and rewards in your work. That really applies to everything in life: if you do your best, then that's that. And the Lord helps us make up the rest. I am so grateful for this opportunity- I really know that this time is a gift- and I intend to use it the best I can. I Love y'all! I really am so proud to represent my family and the people of Athens out here- as well as the Lord. It's just so great! I hope y'all have a good week! Try to stay warm down there... I know how nippy those Georgia Novembers can be...


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

Montreal temple under construction

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