Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm tired of the snow...

Well, I am sure you have heard about the storms that hit Buffalo, NY this past week with about 2 meters of snow...luckily, we have had storms pass to the East and to the West of us, but we have yet to get the brunt of anything. I have already seen more snow than I had seen in my entire life up to this point- I'll send ya a few pics that I had the chance to take, don't worry. In reality, it hasn't snowed a whole lot yet, but it just never goes away because it is always below freezing. However, it has been surprisingly warm these past few days, so all the snow has melted. Sure enough to come back within the next week or so.

This week we helped Grandma with her thousands of Christmas decorations inside and out...my goodness, she could decorate the entire City of Montreal with all of them. A lot of them are the creepy dolls that move and sing too... We also found a few solid potential investigators- both of them Haitians. Hopefully we can continue to work with them because that really has proved to be the biggest challenge up to this point- keeping investigators. However, I really have been able to see our calling of "building up the church" take place as we have been working with Xavier and William Jean Paul- two former less actives. They are awesome, and I really have grown to love them. William Jean Paul is getting a calling in the Church and ever since the blessing we gave Xavier, he has been coming back and even went teaching with us last week. It was great!

It was also Reida's Birthday on Sunday (Geraldine's daughter), so we got to spend a little time with them and we brought her a present. Those Africans know how to throw some birthday parties lemme tell ya... Food, food, and more food. We couldn't stay long, because we had an appointment but Geraldine made us eat something before we left haha. I love them so much- we are still trying to get the Dad in Nigeria to contact the church so they can be baptized. They are so ready- Reida is already talking about wanting to serve a mission in two years. They really are just the best, I cannot even tell ya.

We had Zone Conference yesterday which went well- we talked about this initiative that we are doing for the Holiday season called "He is the Gift" y'all are bound to hear about it soon enough.

I am really excited to spend Christmas here and utilize this time of year with the Spirit of Christmas to help teach others about the Restored Gospel. I hope y'all have a great thanksgiving week! Eat lots of stuffin for me, and watch lots of football! I will talk to y'all next week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

The picture is the outside of Grandma's house with decorations.

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