Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mon Premiere Transfer Ici Au Canada est fini!

I have officially finished my first transfer here in Canada! It has flown by a lot quicker than I ever expected it to. As for my camera, it works perfectly- thank ya mother- well actually, I guess you should thank yourself for that one. It's great to hear that Dad is recovering well- my prayers are definitely always with y'all. I am continually thankful for all the emails and letters that I have received. This week we had dinner with a family in our ward, and the dad went off talking about fried chicken that he had in Brooklyn at one point- he loved it- and he asked about the fried chicken in the south. I think he was about to start crying tears of joy when I told him what dad did for a living. He couldn't believe it. He wants to take your classes dad, and he wants to eat some of your chicken. He even looked you up on Google when I told him that he could find you there- sure enough he started looking at your bio on the UGA website and don't be surprised if you get a call from him at some point, haha.

We also ate this smoked meat called Shawarma at a Lebanese restaurant the other week- that stuff was dang good and the guy let us have our meals for free because we are missionaries. Just little things like that really make me grateful- he is not even of our faith, but he has great respect for the missionaries.

We teach this less active named William Jean Paul- I talked about him before. He prays very animatedly, and can't go to church right now because of school. But man.... you get that old Haitian guy talking about the Love of God... and he will teach YOU a lesson. Really, it was his lesson. We just started talking about Charity and he just starts telling us these stories in his loud praising voice- it really is a spiritual experience if I have ever seen one. Words cannot describe it. I just wish I could show ya'll a video of this dude.

I really am beginning to feel a lot more comfortable with my French as well...sorry Kaitlyn.

I had the chance to read a seminar that Elder Bednar gave to the new mission presidents this year- President Patrick allowed us to get a copy of it- he and I had a great discussion about it in my interview as well- but it's incredible to think that this is the first time something has happened in MY lifetime that something has come to pass that has been prophesied of in the scriptures- "the Lord will hasten his work in his time" and that happened last year with the release of "hastening the work." The church really is evolving- things are being taught to be accomplished more efficiently- especially missionary work. The Lord really is hastening his work, and it's exciting to be a part of it- especially as one of the first few waves of missionaries to leave since the age change. Church programs have slowly been changing to help teach people to be better teachers and leaders; as well as benefit more from classes. Something I love that Elder Bednar said is "if we keep doing things the way they have always been done, we will keep getting what we have always gotten." The Lord is hastening his work, and it is time that missionary work really involved the members as well- it's not a one sided thing. I really see that now more than I ever did before my mission.

I would also just like to thank everyone that has helped my family out since my dad's accident. I know they have expressed gratitude- but I can't tell you how much peace it brings to me knowing that my family is receiving help and support during this time. I am so grateful for all of the love and support, I could never say that enough.

I gotta go for this week, but I will talk to ya next week! I was going to send pictures but this computer is refusing to work so you're gonna have to wait until next week.

Love, Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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