Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Canadian Thanksgivin'!

First off, it's nice to see that nothing has changed with the NCAA continuing to take advantage of their players. Gotta love it. Please do continue to update me on that situation- glad to see that the Dawgs still won, though. Also, Andy I am diggin' the pirate get up- it's a good look for y'all... I'll be looking for that package as well mom, and give Ryan my congratulations for his first talk - the first of many to come, haha. I hope y'all are enjoying those quail eggs without me. There are two things that I am really missing right now:

football and Sr Sol

Man, what I would give to have a Sr Sol chimichanga right now, haha. I really am never going to take those two things for granted ever again in my life. If y'all could send me a freeze dried chimichanga in the mail, that would be lovely.

This week has been great! We are continuing to work with Geraldine and the situation with her husband. We'll see how that develops. We also have met a lot of new people this week, and we have picked up another family as well. I had the chance to go on an exchange with an elder who serves in the Spanish area- it made me realize that I actually DO know a thing or two in French after not being able to understand anything that was said in Spanish. I am continually amazed at the diversity here- the people are amazing. We also met some guy last night who wanted to debate with us about the Bible. Interestingly enough, Dad, we talked about Isaiah. As a missionary you really just need to know where to draw the line because nothing comes from talking with people like that. It doesn't matter what we say, the only way people are going to feel the truth for themselves is if they are open, humble, and have the desire. It's not something that we can force, and it's not something that they can just be shown to believe. Testimony and conversion are lifelong processes, and it's not always easy to convey that to others. I always enjoy talking to people and listening to their differing opinions though.

We also worked with this Haitian guy who is less active because he is going to school in the city right now. His name is William Jean Paul. He is great to talk to and has a very strong belief in God. He wants to come to church but just can't right now because of the schooling that goes until the end of the month. He gives some of the greatest prayers I have ever seen or heard. He is very animated during his prayers and speaks with such conviction. It's great.

For Thanksgiving tonight we are going out to get some sushi. Elder Norman and I are going to treat ourselves, seeing as though we received no invitations to go anywhere tonight, and we aren't allowed to proselyte tonight because of the holiday.

I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity to serve. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Athens, and I am always grateful for the support that I am given. Also mom, give Bart and Amber my regards as well. I love and miss them and hope that everything works out for their family. Thank you for all the emails and support that y'all send to me. It gives me so much motivation for the work I am doing. This gospel is wonderful, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach it to people in a different language. I love y'all and hope you have a wonderful week!


Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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