Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Two weeks til Canada!

First off, I just wanna start out by saying


It makes me happy to see that my missionary blessings are reaching out to the Dawgs as well...

No, but really that is so great to hear. Thank you Andy for your email once again. They're makin me proud. I was sitting at the computer in a lab full of a bunch of missionaries, and when I saw your email and jumped up and shouted "Go Dawgggs!!" haha. I definitely will be saying that for the rest of the week everytime I run into my Georgia brother here. Anyway, I digress...

This week has been more of the same. The days really are blending together Dad, but the studying is going really well! I really am so grateful for my two French instructors. They make everything so much more enjoyable and are just fun people to be around. One of them, Frére Rodriguez, is this little guy from Spain. He is hilarious and almost every time my companion and I teach him (when he is pretending to be an investigator) he loves to lead the lessons down the Law of Chastity route to give us a hard time. He kinda smirks when he does it too-he knows exactly what he is doing.It is great preparation for the field, which is coming quickly. I get my travel plans this weekend!!!!!! :))))))))))) I am sooo excited. Next week I'll be able to tell you the time and everything mom, so I can let you know when to expect a call. Last week I was kinda feeling a little bit shaky on the French-it's pretty intimidating when you realize that you are just a few weeks from being thrown out there and you have a very limited understanding in French. But this past week I have really realized that I know a lot more than I thought I did. And I am really getting comfortable speaking and teaching lessons in the Language. Tomorrow my companion and I are skyping with somebody from Montréal for about 30 minutes!

These past few weeks here have really changed my perspective on the Gospel in general. Not so much as changing what I knew, but I'm really seeing just how beautiful it really is. I get in these discussions with one of my Branch councelors who loves to talk about doctrine and we spend a good deal of time just talking about so many different things. I am learning more and more every single day. I constantly think back to when Daeshaun got baptized as well. That really has helped me a lot throughout this entire MTC. I've been able to relate more with everything that we have been talking about here because I have been able to experience it firsthand already. And I couldn't be more grateful for that-shout out to my brutha right there.

Also mom, I would just like to thank you for all those years of laundry that you continued to do for me so lovingly-whether or not you may have complained some of the time ;) I think I'm already tired of doing my own laundry after just a few weeks of being here so I can empathize with you now. Also, thank you for the package. I just got it, I haven't opened it yet but I plan on doing so after I finish this.

It's so great to hear how good things are back home. I really can already see where the Lord is taking care of everyone and blessing everyone. That is AWESOME about Kaitlyn's scholarship! I am definitely proud of ya big sista- even if you can't speak French as good as I can now. I definitely miss ya'll a lot, but I know I am where I am supposed to be right now. I CANNOT BELIEVE that Ryan is about to be in young men's already! That just blows my mind. Tell him to rough up the priests a little bit for me; especially Alex. It's so nice to hear from everyone-I am appreciative of every email and every letter/package sent. I LOVE all the opportunities and experiences I am having here. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity and blessing. Send my Love out to the people of Athens for me.

-Elder Cody Warren Ritz

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