Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Halfway Done with the MTC

(Elder Lloyd and Elder Clark)

Bonjour ma famille!

Three weeks down in the MTC...about 3 weeks to go. Thank ya kindly for the package mother, especially the laundry bag- I can always use some extra Georgia pride to carry around with me. People here have taken to calling me "Georgia." And no mom, most people don't think I have too much of an accent-which is true because I don't. They mostly just say I have a little bit of a drawl and it's most just by how I speak with "y'all" or even just "yes ma'am" or "yes sir." Southern manners are nonexistent out here. Southern anything really. But anyway, thank you again Andy for the update! Glad to hear the dawgs are looking good! Hopefully the plethora of mission blessings reaches out to the Georgia Bulldogs as well...let me know how the first game goes! Same goes with the Falcons!

As for me, this week has been more of the same hard work. I've had a pretty nasty cold this past week though that has been going around-so as you can imagine that has made things A LOT easier. Other than that though, I've been great! On Sunday I got called up to speak in Sacrament meeting-they announce the speakers right there so everybody prepares- and it was ENTIRELY in French. Despite being sick, I thought I did pretty well! I even had one sister tell me that she basically had this vision of me at the end of my mission speaking fluent French and being a great missionary-it was a pretty touching compliment haha I'll take it. The topic was on Baptism, and people said it was great and that my French sounds pretty good...what have you done this past week in French Kaitlyn? No Sacrament talks, that's for sure. Really though, I couldn't have ever pictured myself giving a 5 minute Sacrament talk in French just 3 weeks into it. I really am learning so much, and I can testify that the gift of tongues is real. My teachers are so fun to talk to and joke around with, which makes things so much more enjoyable. One is from Oregon (still haven't figured out which part mom, sorry) and the other is a little Spaniard who speaks French, English, and Spanish. He is hilarious, and enjoys giving me a hard time on all my ugly ties. But hey, most people actually like em. I am usually getting remarks in some way or another about my ties and some Elder's have actually asked me if they could have one. Oh, and tell McKenna Smith that her tie is well liked too!

I can't believe that I'm already half way done with the MTC. The time really has flown by here. I'm doing the best I can, and I am learning some great things and my perspective is changing on a lot of gospel concepts. Sadly, we didn't hear from an apostle last week but let's keep our fingers crossed. However, we have had some great speakers-and don't worry, I'm taking plenty of notes for documentation. I saw a video of an address given by Elder Holland (Mom, your favorite) that he gave at the MTC a few years ago. Apparently you can't get the MTC videos anywhere but here (which doesn't make sense to me) so the talk by Elder Bednar that you saw mom, was a similar one he gave at BYU Idaho I think. Anyway, I have never seen Elder Holland talk so aggressive and so direct. He basically told everyone not to squander their opportunity as missionaries. He used the words "don't you dare" probably a dozen times. It was all put so elegantly and directly though.

I am developing a huge appreciation for the French language as well. It really is so beautiful and so different from English. While English relies primarily on the tongue, French mainly comes from the throat. I just really like that, and it's interesting to see how everything translates. The Hymn "Lead Kindly Light" has taken on a whole new meaning since I've been here and I really think it's my favorite one now. In French, it is even better. I am appreciating the time that I have here (even though the food is tearing me up) and taking in as much as I can. I have taught so many lessons in French already and my language is developing faster than I could have ever imagined. I even am able to say the entire first vision in French! I learned it in French quicker than I did in English... I also got to do Sealings in the temple this morning for the first time and what an experience that was!

As for when I fly out to Montréal, it will most likely be reeeallllly early that morning. Like 1 or 2 o clock here. I'll keep you updated though, we get our travel plans in about 10 days. Mom, I'm telling you this ahead of time so you can accept the possibility of a laaate night phone call.

I wish I could share every little detail over email, but that simply is just not possible. However, I am enjoying my time immensely and grateful for this opportunity. I can already see the blessings that are coming from it-and it's only been three weeks. Give my best, and my love to everyone back home in Athens! I'm glad to hear that everyone is staying busy! Tell the young men I miss them and that they better start preparing now! The work ain't easy, but it's worth every minute. Je sais que L'évangile de Jésus Christ est le moyen pour toute le monde à retourner avec notre Pére Céléste!

-Elder Cody Warren Ritz

(Elder Li)

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